Armagnac Jean Cave

Armagnac Jean Cave is the signature of a great Armagnac house located in Lannepax, where blended eaux-de-vie rub shoulders with one of the largest collections of vintage Armagnacs.

Armagnac in the singular and in the plural

If the house is named after Armagnac Jean Cave in the singular, it is above all a generic brand for large Armagnac in the plural. Because its history is first and foremost that of tradition and memory. It is also the work of Gascon patience and transmission from generation to generation. This is also the hallmark of Armagnac where, in the great houses, what the ancestors produced is kept like a treasure while the fruit of future distillations is passed on to future generations. The work of time is reflected in the cellars by the blackening of the walls and roof tiles, which testifies to the presence of a fungus inseparable from the breeding grounds. In this atmosphere, each " play "- understand by that each" barrel "- seems to release a luminous heat where under the patinated tones of oak woods ripened the amber of the precious brandy.

Transmission as a tradition

Armagnac Jean Cave is the typical story of a transmission. The house bears the name of its founder, Jean Cavé, who from 1883 boiled his premier crus in Lannepax. Since then, four generations have succeeded it, each one enriched by an increasingly sophisticated know-how in distillation, aging and aging. The winery itself bears witness to this technicality where an ingeniously designed underground irrigation network maintains ideal humidity throughout the year. In Armagnac Jean Cave the atmosphere is like a dive into time which fixes and sublimates traditions. The real treasure is at Paradise, this confidential place where the great Armagnac houses store their collection of vintages in large glass bottles. The star here bears the handwritten inscription 1888. A magical number that stands out in the half-light in the middle of a string of vintages, arranged in chronological order in a tiered setting. Because vintage Armagnacs are the prerogative of the Jean Cavé house, which has one of the finest collections of its kind.

The art of vintage and blending

Taste a Armagnac Jean Cave vintage is first of all to taste the soul of time and seasons. Each of these eaux-de-vie bears the signature of the year and the climatic peculiarities that saw its birth. The experience is magical and time is declined depending on the complexity of the aromas that forge the identity of each Armagnac. As in all the great houses, these rarities sit alongside the collection of blends, expertly combined by the cellar master. With great care and consistency of the labels, the VS, VSOP, XO, Out of Age where the increasingly intense virtues of aging and aging are expressed, which are the hallmarks of the house. From the attention paid to boxes and bottles was born the collection The experience  whose elegance of the container was distinguished by a design award. The range magnifies Armagnacs in natural degree of the barrel as well as the Blanche d'Armagnac, this crystalline brandy fixing the purity of the fruit at the direct end of the distillation. Do not forget either thatArmagnac Jean Cave belongs to the Club des Marques which signs some famous spirits such as Pousse Rapière produced at Château Monluc, a famous Gascon aperitif made with orange liqueur and Armagnac blended with sparkling wine.

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