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Domaine Carcenac - Wines of Gaillac

Managed by one of the well-known families of the Gaillac appellation, the field Carcenac perfectly articulates its roots in local history with a fully asserted bias towards modernity.

A know-how inherited from seven generations

Le field Carcenac is established at Montans, a town in Gaillac already renowned during antiquity for its amphorae workshops, including theArchaeosite local bears witness today. That is to say that we are here at the heart of theAOP Gaillac, on a wine-growing territory that has all the typicalities. Better yet, the Carcenac family, perfectly united around the management of the estate, has been established there for seven generations. It is not unfair to say that she is one of the local references, her historical knowledge of the terroir being accompanied by a total mastery of Gaillac winemaking. The family spirit plays an undeniable role here: it contributes as much to the solid reputation of the house as to the constant commitment to modernity that distinguishes the wines signed Carcenac. Succeeding in responsibility to his mother Nicole, it is today Cédric who ensures the development and the management of the house.

A rich grape variety spread over three terroirs

Forged over millennia by sedimentary contributions from the Tarn, the soils of field Carcenac are typical of this appellation area. Gravelly layers are dominant here and are particularly suitable for the growth of local grape varieties. The reds are in the majority there, occupying 65 hectares to date. The whites are also booming there on the 10 hectares which are currently allocated to them. The vineyard of field Carcenac first takes advantage of an attachment to notorious Gaillac grape varieties, well adapted to the local climate which oscillates between oceanic and Mediterranean influences. There are Braucol, Duras, Prunelart for the reds, as well as Mauzac and Loin de l'Oeil for the whites. The traditional grape varieties also come to support the requirement in winemaking. The Syrah, Merlot for the reds are there, as well as Sauvignon or Muscadelle for the whites. If we add to this that the plots are spread over three terroirs with nuanced substrates, we immediately grasp the flexible latitude which allows the field Carcenac to forge its wide and solid range of Gaillac wines.

An exemplary range of wines from the Gaillac terroir

Le Gaillac vineyard is historically known for its vinifications available in seven types of wine: red, rosé, dry white, pearl white, sweet white, sparkling, primeur. THE field Carcenac, well established in this example, offers a complete range. Starting with a range of shades of red, at the top of which the vintage Joseph announces itself as " the essence and the quintessence of the gravel terroir. » Quite well-known and demonstrative, two cuvées made from single varietals specific to Gaillacois complete the range of reds: the pruneart and Braucol. On the white side, the Dry white carcenac and Carcenac pearl white highlight the typicality of Loin de l'Œil associated with the bursts of Sauvignon. On the sparkling side, Bubble Frenzy demonstrates an ancestral method typically derived from the Mauzac grape variety. What we sometimes ignore Gaillac, is that it is also one of the rare appellations that can benefit from the mention late harvest . This singularity testifies to the potential that the terroir and the local grape varieties offer to the amplitude of the whites which unfold at maturity. The vintages sweet of her et Autumn Chill bear convincing witness to this.

field Carcenac

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