Chateau Baudare

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For who would seek on the vineyard of Fronton A winegrower's authenticity established over several generations, Château Baudare is undoubtedly one of the reference houses with its wines signed David Vigouroux.

A family of winegrowers

The first date that forges the identity of Chateau Baudare dates back to the Belle Époque. Because it was in 1882, at this peaceful period of the IIIe République, that Léon Vigouroux created the domain. Since then, four generations of winegrowers have followed one another, including Claude the father and today David the son, continue to carry the torch of family knowledge high. Make no mistake: the art of wine is always intimately linked to the perfect knowledge of the vine and its terroir. AT Chateau Baudare everything transpires from this quiet knowledge where the mastery of winemaking is coupled with a joyful activity where the wine of Fronton is king. Between the cellar and the shop, between the vines and the seasons, everything converges in well-regulated movements to extract reds, whites and rosés of beautiful typicity from the terroir.

Wines with a strong profile

In a field where full activity is well based on clearly mastered know-how, development is constant. The latest is obtaining the label High Environmental Value (French Environmental Label) for the wines produced by the house. The Négrette which is the soul of each wine of Fronton takes up a lot of space. But to Chateau Baudare the vinification axis is also based on a range of grape varieties suitable for producing a range of whites and rosés which share the same elegance. Syrah, Malbec, Carbernets for the reds, Sémillon, Chardonnay and Muscat for the whites, are determining factors in the identity of the blends. Because the wines of Chateau Baudare come with constancy to seek a silky frame, with well-balanced bouquets and clearly stated length in the mouth. Chateau Baudare it is therefore also a claimed signature which is that of David Vigouroux.

A palette in three colors

The interest of a wine also lies in its way of expressing the character of the winemaker. When in this one the natural charisma imposes itself as a trait of personality, all the wines make the mirror of it. In appellation Fronton, the cuvées speak for themselves: Black Pearl in 100% Négrette, Secret of the Angels combining the Négrette with the Malbec and the Syrah, decline with richness their deep soul. Old Vines in Négrette and Syrah, Prestigious VAT which also calls together Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec or even High Expression in an expressive duo of majority Négrette associated with Malbec, come to say that the character of the wines of Fronton is here well forged. They also announce it in color, where rosés oscillating between shades of peach and rose petal characterize the house. Bleeding Rose as Rose of the Angels remind us that the terroir of Fronton and for sure the Négrette lend themselves perfectly to the expression of these wines. Outside the appellation, the terroir produces white wines with a rather Burgundian profile, endowed with measured roundness that favors fruit and balance. Sémillon carves out a good part of it with Pearl of Frost for the soft white and Semillon of the Angels for a sweet wine with aromatic freshness. Sauvignon is not forgotten and announces its well-characterized bouquet under the name of White flowers.

The wines of Fronton

The vineyard of Fronton derives its specificity
of an indigenous grape variety: Négrette