Chateau Clamens

Wines of FrontonHigh Environmental Value (French Environmental Label)

Established on the vineyard of Fronton, but producing much more than strictly appellation wines, Chateau Clamens stands out as a demonstrative signature of the richness of its terroir.

Château Clamens in signature

Chateau Clamens is the result of the work of five generations of winegrowers. First engaged in cooperative activity, the estate gradually turned towards the production of its own wines during the XNUMXs. This autonomy has been conquered by Jean-Michel Bégué who still oversees the management of the vineyard. A master of viticultural and wine-growing activities, he now works together with Stefan Heppelmann, who has become the owner of Chateau Clamens in 2012. The alliance of the two men, the perfect technician of wines of Fronton, the other passionate about French wines, directed the estate towards the definition of new cuvées, each presenting itself as a signature and a specific expression of the terroir. Constancy, prestige and elegance could be announced as the motto of choice.

Stefan Heppelmann – Owner of Château Clamens – AOP Fronton

Wines in three colors

À Fronton, the grape variety Négrette is the beating heart of the appellation. AT Chateau Clamens the approach is nuanced by the desire to produce a range of wines much more oriented towards the expression of the vine and the soil. On this soil of boulbènes – these sandy clays typical of the frontonnais – the grape variety offers a palette focused on the production of red and rosé wines which endeavor to push towards their most elegant potential Négrette, Syrah and Cabernet Franc. White wines are also present in the range, made from Chardonnay or Gros Manseng harvested from an associated vineyard. Where other estates make Négrette the mainstay of winemaking, Chateau Clamens stands out first and foremost for its signature wines where rosés, for example, take pride of place. Because Fronton often known for its reds, it is also a great land for rosé wines, as the estate demonstrates.

Julie rosé by Château Clamens

Between Four JU and Characters

The range of wines from Chateau Clamens wants to be clear and distinct in its typicities. The collection of 4 JU is its most emblematic expression. The first name of Jules baptizes a fruity red where the largely dominant Négrette summons a subtle balance by combining with Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet. In a straw dress, Justine announces a Chardonnay whose freshness is adorned with floral accents. Ambassador of rosé, the cuvée Julie unfolds an elegant robe with pale pink transparencies where evocations of citrus fruits and strawberries intertwine. With a nod to nearby Gascony, a 100% Gros Manseng comes to close the series under the name of Juliette with an aromatic amplitude well balanced by the sweet crunch of the fruit. In pure expression of thedesignation Fronton, the domain is also distinguished by a red appropriately named Print. Beneath its deep black silhouette where the golden signature of Chateau Clamens turns out to be a patiently matured wine. Taking advantage of the discreet influence of wood, it gives substance to a wine of Fronton very well demonstrative of the distinctive elegance of the estate.

Focus on the Julie and Caractères cuvées

Chateau Clamens

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