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The Domain Clement Terms is a family wine estate located in Lisle-sur-Tarn on one of the historic terroirs of Gaillac wines. The production of this labeled domain High Environmental Value (French Environmental Label) is emblematic of the traditional wine-making and aging methods of the appellation.

A tradition of seven generations

Chateau Clément Termes it is first of all the story of a sister and a brother: Caroline and Olivier David. Both perpetuate a tradition of winemaking inherited from the six generations that have succeeded one another on these lands. The initiator of the adventure was Clement Terms qui built the first cellar in 1868, which gave its name to the current estate. At that time the production of the farm was intended for mass wine. The following generations each brought their evolution. Today the estate has 130 hectares of vines, mainly exploited in Gaillac appellation as well as IGP Côtes du Tarn.

A typical Gaillac grape variety

À Chateau Clément Termes, Caroline and Olivier David vinify in the purest tradition of the appellation. This bias applies to bottling, which uses local manufacturing perpetuated by the Glassworks of Albi, itself founded in 1896. In the vines, the grape varieties are Braucol, Duras, Syrah et Merlot for red wines. White wines are made from Mauzac, Far from the eye, Sauvignon blanc et Muscadelle. In the latitudes of Gaillac vineyard, the grape enjoys a climate where oceanic and Mediterranean influences work together. The generous sunshine that balances the temperate nights promotes beautiful maturation that concentrates the aromatic signatures typical of the land.

Wines signed by Clément Termes

There is a whole range of wines available for tasting from the emblematic winemaking or aging methods of the appellation. Of Pearl White with an effervescent cuvée Bubbles from the ancestral method, including red wines Memo ou Mind aged in barrels, we find under the label Chateau Clément Termes the range of historic wines fromAOP Gaillac. In IGP Côtes du Tarn, under the signature of David Master Winemaker, are available red wines, rosé wines and white wines. More singular and particularly typical, slips into the same range a 100% Prunelart, ancestral grape variety of Gaillac reintroduced on the estate in 2014. All the wines are well worked and the kindness of the welcome as well as the professionalism recall without hesitation that the profession of winegrower is, at Clement Terms, perfectly mastered. Confirmation is provided by the Concours Général Agricole where the estate's wines are regularly awarded.

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