Chateau l'Hospitalet

Wines of La Clapeorganic and biodynamic

Among the wine properties of Gérard Bertrand, Chateau l'Hospitalet located in the heart ofLa Clape appellation is also a Mecca for hospitality and the Mediterranean art of living.

Hospitality in the foreground

Above Chateau l'Hospitalet, a ridge line dominates the expanse of vines and the sea horizon at an altitude of 155 m. Immersed in 1000 hectares of scrubland, overlooking cliffs and ancestral vineyards, the view is unique. A tall metal sculpture marks the point from which the landscape opens up to 360 degrees. Below is the complex of Chateau l'Hospitalet. The hotel, the listed restaurant and one of the most beautiful wine shops coexist there, where the opulent collection of signed vintages is exhibited. Gérard Bertrand. Attached to the hotel structure, a plot of vines arranged as an ampelographic conservatory brings together around forty different grape varieties. Then running on the surrounding slopes, cohabiting with several hundred olive trees, the vineyards of the domain unfold.

Biodynamics as a virtue

The vineyard in production now has 110 hectares, conducted since 2013 according to the principles of biodynamic viticulture and for which the official label was acquired in 2017. It is therefore understandable that before being a high place of hospitality set in a remarkable landscape, the Chateau l'Hospitalet first of all enjoys a bouquet of qualities induced by a virtuous viticultural approach. It is no exaggeration to say that in these places nature sets the pace for time and magnifies the wines. The case begins with the care given to the condition of the soils and their natural regeneration. On these lands entirely subject to Mediterranean influence, the preservation of the plant tissue associated with the development of its biodiversity contributes to an essential wealth. The choice of a biodynamic approach guarantees the highest expression. As for the grape varieties, it matches the natural dispositions of the terroir. For the reds, the Syrah The majority is held there, even including a sanctuary plot of old grape varieties. She rubs shoulders there Grenache red, Carignan et Mourvedre. In white the typicity of the appellation stands out with the bourboulen with which the Grenache white, Roussanne, Viognier.

Two great wines in signature

The natural potential of La Clape, when accompanied by careful conciliation with the laws of nature, necessarily opens up the production of great wines. In addition, on an exceptional terroir sublimated by the determined choice of biodynamics, efficiency is perfectly suited to simplicity. This is how at Chateau l'Hospitalet, all the potential of the vineyard is concentrated in two wines, one red, the other white. And the assurance that they are reconciling virtuous know-how and the unique qualities of a terroir is expressed in two words enhanced with gold on the label: Great wine. Before vinification, the expected height begins with manual harvesting and the exclusive use of indigenous yeasts. Characteristics of the terroir allied to the specificities of the grape varieties thus gain the most authentic density. In red wine, the Great Wine of Hospitalet inherits its generosity from patient maceration enhanced by aging for 12 to 16 months in barrels. Between spices and red fruits, it takes base on silky tannins which make the elegance of the best La Clape wines. In white wine, the Mediterranean imprint supported by the qualities of the local Bourboulenc gives a wine where the citrus notes mixed with accents of garrigue are tied to an iodized minerality, typical of the terroir. Elegance and high standards are the hallmarks. These imprint with their minds the entire site of the Chateau l'Hospitalet.

Wines and winemakers of La Clape

An island terroir by the sea,
of the most typical in Languedoc.

The art of living michelin plate

Au Chateau l'Hospitalet, leader Laurent Chabert dedicates his talent to directing the kitchens of the restaurantArt of living whose menu offers a clever marriage between local products and exceptional wines Gérard Bertrand.

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