Chateau Laffitte Teston

Chateau Laffitte Teston ranks among the leading domains within appellations Madiran et Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh. This family estate which also produces Cotes de Gascony perpetuates a know-how with well-established recognition.

A family saga

Chateau Laffitte Teston is above all a family stronghold established in Madiran in the village of Maumusson Laguian. The architectural site is made up of elegant and opulent constructions. They bear witness to the hard work, commitment and notoriety ensured by eight generations of winegrowers. At the head of the domain are today the siblings formed by Ericka and Joris Laffitte. Having taken over from Jean-Marc, their father, brother and sister constantly make the wine heritage prosper. Ericka supervises the various missions inherent in the administration of the domain, Joris watches over the good management of the vineyard and the cellars. Hospitality is essential from the outset in the house, which offers the conditions for a welcome to match its history. The courtyard with elegant floor facings overlooks an amphitheater of vines located below. Near the cellar, a furnished viewpoint overlooks the vineyard as a balcony. An extension of the vines, a hilly lake can be seen which contributes to the natural richness of the places and the spectacle.

Local grape varieties

À Chateau Laffitte Teston, the wines are chiseled in the typicity of Madiran terroir. The most sought after vintages make up more than half of the production. The site lends itself perfectly to this: in Maumusson Laguian, the 53 hectare vineyard is particularly well exposed. Rooted on slight slopes, Tannat et Cabernets thrive on rich and draining soils served by an ideal exposure. Ensuring the identity of the Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh, the Pyrenean grape varieties can be counted Petit and Gros Mansengsbut also Small Courbu. The family unit combined with the winemaking experience passed down through successive generations has helped establish the reputation of the wines. These are characterized by an exemplary expression of the characteristics of the Pyrenean foothills. They translate into sincere, greedy profiles and in line with their respective appellations. The underground cellar, in the Bordeaux style, is in itself a place that marks the seriousness of the house. The rows of six hundred barrels are there magnified by careful lighting, a spectacle in itself which modulates the ambiences of the cellar in changing colors.

Appellation wines

À Chateau Laffitte Teston the range of wines is clear and precise. In Madiran appellation, a heritage of old vines gives shape to very qualitative cuvées. First there is a Reflection of the Terroir, where the Tannat flirting with the Cabernets in a discreet presence echo the grape varieties of the estate. This Madiran wine rubs shoulders with the cuvée on the same appellation. Old Vines, where Tannat comes to seek its highest expression and is profiled for a long aging. For the chapter Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh the Ericka cuvée is exemplary of these dry whites whose aromatic freshness is the fruit of a dominant Petit Manseng, supported by Gros Manseng and Petit Courbu. In a soft Pacherenc version, this nectar of the appellation, the Autumn dream deploys in a complex of aromas all the virtues of a pure Petit Manseng whose juices are concentrated until the autumn harvest. In range IGP Côtes de Gascogne, red, white and rosé are present. The first comes to seek the fruity lightness of Merlot associated with the structure of Tannat. The second marrying a balanced bouquet of Sauvignon and Gros Manseng. As for the third, its fruity pink color bears the elegant signature of Tannat and Cabernets.

Madiran wines

The Madiran vineyard draws its specificity
from a native grape variety of the Pyrenean foothills: Tannat