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In the Gaillac vineyard, Chateau Lastours covers fifty-five hectares of vines, fifty of which are in full production. Honoring the traditions of the Gaillac terroir, the estate has produced the range of wines typical of the appellation for several generations.

A historic estate

Chateau Lastours is a house of great tradition. The estate is located near an old royal road which linked Bordeaux to Montpellier. A large avenue of plane trees lined with vines traces a rectilinear perspective at the end of which rises the facade of the castle. A wing which extends it and encloses the courtyard forms the recently enlarged cellar. Heritage has been passed down from generation to generation within the family by Faramond. The oldest archives attest to the existence of the property from the XVIe century. Today it's Louis de Faramond which manages the domain. Carried by his beautiful youth, he devotes himself to it with heart and friendliness. Meeting him leads to rub shoulders with the simplicity and elegance of these great families whose most lasting heritage is the love of the vines and the nature that serves them.

Balanced vinification

À Chateau Lastours, the grape variety combines with the typical strains of the region of Gaillac other noble grape varieties whose establishment has been established throughout history. Bordering one of the royal roads which connects the ocean to the Mediterranean, it was not uncommon for vines to be brought here from Languedoc as from Bordeaux. Nothing surprising to see Syrah et Merlot actively coexist on the estate and contribute to the balance of the wines produced there. The exploitation of the vineyard uses reasoned viticulture. Winemaking itself applies to preserving the natural qualities of the grape by intervening only in a reasonable way. The harvests, in particular those dedicated to white wines, are carried out overnight in order to preserve the maximum natural freshness in the fruit. The subsequent control of the temperatures in the vat, the aging of certain vintages in barrels which reconcile new wood and older wood, contribute to the full and respectful expression of the juices.

Between nobility and tradition

With the exception of early wines, Chateau Lastours produces red wines, white wines, rosé wines, as well as a pearl Gaillac and a sparkling wine using the ancestral method. Blending is required in the house and strives to produce vinifications that seek a coherent balance, well inscribed in the spirit of theGaillac appellation. Among the white wines, the cuvée Gravels distinguished at the Concours Général Agricole 2017 and 2018 combines Loin de l'Œil, Sauvignon, Muscadelle, Sémillon and Mauzac. The Red wine tradition 2015 brings together in an aromatic concert the virtues of Syrah and Braucol allied to the qualities of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. A delicious rosé wine Gravels, well marked by the radiance of red fruits and English candy, makes Duras and Syrah sing in duet. From barrel aging, red wine 2014 selection lets express itself in discreet tannins and ample mouth the quartet of Braucol, Merlot, Syrah and Duras. In a historic house, we must express the great tradition of Gaillac. Chateau Lastours attaches itself perfectly to it, with the natural elegance and conviviality that Louis de Faramond knows how to bring him.

The wines of Château Lastours, by Louis de Faramond

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