Chateau Pech-Celeyran

Wines of La Clape

Chateau Pech-Celeyran is a wine estate attached to the appellation La Clape, a remarkable Mediterranean massif stretching from the gates of Narbonne to the shores of the Mediterranean.

From Pech-Celeyran to Saint-Exupéry

Chateau Pech-Celeyran is first and foremost a family stronghold on which five generations of winegrowers have worked. Future heirs of the tradition, a sixth generation of little princes will take over later. But why refer to the famous Little Prince? First, because the family bears the prestigious name of Saint-Exupéry, then because family cohesion is the hallmark of the estate. AT Pech Celeyran A family spirit reigns which regularly brings together all the generations. Because the history of the estate is maintained by the tradition of regrouping, where the entire Saint-Exupéry family works together around each event where the tradition of wine is celebrated.

Pech-Celeyran and the wines of La Clape

The castle itself is established on the La Clape massif, an exceptional geological site which was first an island in Roman times. On these lands rocked by the winds of Languedoc, sometimes blowing from the north like the cers, or from the south like sirocco, the tradition of the vine goes back to antiquity. A land of contrasts therefore, where the vines located on the hillsides are often caressed by the movements of the air, while the Mediterranean sun corses the ripening of typically Languedoc grape varieties. If we add to this that theLa Clape appellation is very young, we will understand that we are in a land of promise where the quality of the vinification becomes a requirement. It is also a brand image to which the entire Saint-Exupéry family is committed.

The wines of Pech-Celeyran

Like any Protected Designation of Origin, that of La Clape imposes an authenticity of grape varieties reserved here for the exclusive vinification of red wines and white wines. On these clay-limestone and shell lands impregnated with salt spray, thrive for red wines the Mourvedre, Grenache, the precious Syrah. Regarding the whites, we find the specific grape varieties of the Narbonne terroir such as Bourboulenc, Rousanne, or Marsanne. From these precious Mediterranean grapes we vinify at Pech Celeyran cuvées with names that evoke the site as well as the family tradition: Cuvée des Little Princes, Fifth generation, Stone fields, Celestial, etc. Without forgetting the excellent Cartagena, the typical local aperitif, with bewitching aromas of musts from local grapes. The reception in these places is also required, the field having a hotel offer in guest room as well as a set of lodgings.

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