Chateau Viguerie de Beulaygue

Wines of Fronton

The Domain Beulaygue Viguerie very early on was one of the fields of Fronton that grab your attention. Although located to the north of the appellation, the wines produced there have the reputation of being the most southern in thedesignation Fronton.

A quiet domain

Chateau Viguerie de Beulaygue is a quiet estate established north of the vineyards of Fronton, near the village of Labastide-Saint-Pierre. Located on a topography of flat soils, the site takes its name from the Occitan “beautiful waters”. The vineyard extends here on land where layers of boulbènes alternate with red clays. The contrasting nature of the soils contributes to the nuance of the wines produced on the estate. In this agricultural region where the tradition was polyculture, the Château Viguerie de Beulaygue has been dedicated to viticulture for two generations. Jeanine and Cédric Faure produce there wines of Fronton well worked and built on harvest carried out at full maturity. The Negrette, the native grape variety is in the spotlight and skilfully blends with the diversity of grape varieties grown on the estate.

Passion for the vine

À Château Viguerie de Beulaygue we have a passion for the vine. Fourteen grape varieties come together over twenty-two hectares. They offer a great opportunity for nuances in winemaking. Apart from the Négrette which necessarily dominates the entire vineyard, we note the presence of Syrah, Gamay, Cabernets, Malbec, and Servadou iron, all dedicated to making red wines. For another part of the production of red wines vinified in IGP, Tannat, Marcelan ou Grenache complete the palette. To these are added two hectares of Sauvignon, Sémillon, Muscadelle, Chenin et Ondenc dedicated to aging dry or sweet white wines. With an extensive palette, Cédric Faure very early on was one of the winegrowers of Fronton that sustain attention. His passion for the vine goes hand in hand with his passion for wine. When Cédric Faure conducts a tasting, he does so with a pragmatism that allows him to grasp all the nuances offered by his terroir.

All the faces of the Négrette

Red mullet et The Boulbènes, each extracted from soils of different natures, highlight two expressions of Négrette in its pure state. The Cross of the Lamb commemorates a story from the local past where the estate donated a lamb to the priest of the town on the day of the Easter rogations. This cuvée nuances the Négrette with the aromatics of Syrah supported by a hint of Cabernet. The Enchanter presents itself as the emblematic cuvée of the estate. It highlights the work of a Fronton authentic, where the marriage of Négrette and Syrah is reinforced by aging in barrels. To the family we will add The ancestors, where 50% Négrette blended equally with Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, before aging wisely in the nuances of wood. Out of appellation Fronton, we will be surprised by Ondenc worked in soft white, running in the Gaillac vineyard but exception to Chateau Viguerie de Beulaygues just as much as on the vineyard of Fronton.

The wines of Fronton

The vineyard of Fronton derives its specificity
of an indigenous grape variety: Négrette.

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