Prunelart by Clément Termes

Le Prunelart by Clément Termes - (Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health)

Gaillac winesThe interest of a wine produced in a single varietal grows when it opens with a revelation. This is the case of a new cuvée signed Clément Termes which brings back to life a typical grape variety from the Gaillac vineyard that we thought had long since disappeared: Prunelard.

The resurrection of the Prunelard

Prunelard is first established by history because it is probably the oldest grape variety in the Gaillac vineyard. XVI archivese century already testify to its presence on the land. They describe it as a qualitative grape that occupied a place of honor in Renaissance wines. Unfortunately, the phylloxera crisis that hit the Tarn in 1879 will eradicate it. It is therefore considered lost. But it was without counting on the resistance of very old vines which survived the terrible epidemic. It took the insight and attention of passionate winemakers to bring it back to life. Since then, the surfaces of Prunelard have gradually increased in the Gaillac vineyard where it is a point of honor to first promote indigenous grape varieties. Wisely, moreover, because from this grape which owes its name to the wax which covers its berries like a plum, a very good wine has been produced for centuries.

Prunelart by Clément Termes

At Clement Terms, the Prunelard has a t final to become Prunelart. So the d that came forward with roundness turn into a final that is quite a Article. And this is surely what we expect from a wine made from a historic grape variety of the land: that it is expressed with art. Thus, the Prunelart of Clement Terms is first presented as a single bottle, a bottle called "Paris" whose timeless silhouette is placed between modernity and tradition. Then it is revealed in color, revealing in the glass a garnet and purple robe, with a beautiful shine and attractively capturing the reflections. On the nose, a floral counterpoint is added to the typical bouquets of red fruits, plums and spices, borrowing from violet. On the palate, a silky roundness opens up, with a pleasant balance titillated by discreet tannins. With Prunelart from Clement Terms, we can see the emergence of a perfectly logical expression for a domain that is both part of the most authentic tradition possible and that strives to extract the fruits of renewal from its vineyard.

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