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Gaillac winesorganic and biodynamic

Located in the Gaillac vineyard, the domain Five Peyres is driven by Charles Bonnafont, one of the young winegrowers of the appellation. The estate, which benefits from a remarkable topography and landscape, is fully exploited in biodynamic agriculture.

Where flora and fauna abound

The site where the estate's vineyard thrives Five Peyres is a haven of nature. The house and the cellar overlook a wave of hillsides on which flourish a richly diverse vegetation. Between the rows of vines, the seedlings of phacelia, clovers, cereals, spelled, beans or radishes grow happily. Participating in the enrichment and furnishing of the soil, this flora also testifies to the good vitality of a land where clay-limestone substrates alternate with the outcrop of more mineral layers on the reliefs. Below, in the folds of the landscape, the ground reveals a suppleness of auspiciousness. Looking closely, the obvious is obvious: a whole working-class fauna tirelessly ventilates and enriches a perfectly tended and naturally amended soil.

Where viticulture is haute couture

On the floors of Five Peyres, hugging the backs of the reliefs, young and old vines seem happy and free to prosper. Mauzac et Far from the eye for white grape varieties, Duras, Braucol, Syrah ou Merlot for the red grape varieties, found in this place a terroir and a topography entirely dedicated to their full expression. The apparent freedom that the permaculture vegetable garden could be summed up in reality hides an environmental haute couture enterprise. In this way, the grape prepares exceptional juices. The wines of the estate Five Peyres are the full expression of the land, the vine and the fruit. No input disturbs the concert of the bouquets or the brilliant color of the dresses. All the singing nature is concentrated and kept alive in the vinification vats and the aging cellar where the indigenous yeasts ensure the fermentation work.

Where the wines are the reflection of the terroir

At the tasting, the work of nature guided by the winemaker is concerted. The cuvée Antidote, where Mauzac and Loin de l'Œil sing in unison, plays the melody of this white wine in a light gold dress. The cuvée Cape of Fine, a closer alliance of Mauzac and Loin de l'Œil, is adorned with the subtle counterpoints conferred on it by passing through oak or acacia barrels. In rosé wine, the aptly named sprinkled happily disturbs the taste buds with its hints of residual sugar that the natural fermentation has gently preserved. With the cuvée Antoine, Loin de l'Oeil borrows the aromas of honey and the evocation of the orchard from the bees of the estate. TheImpeccable is a red wine that concentrates the harmonious power of Merlot and Syrah, nuanced by subtle accents of Duras and Braucol. And what aboutA cappella, where 100% Braucol touches the nose with a hint of greenery subtly wrapped in the ripening of fruits and then spices. In this beautiful estate, all the work of wine goes first through love of the land and the vines, and respect for biodiversity.

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