Domain of Brin

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Among organic wines of Gaillac, those of Domain of Brin raised by Damien Bonnet occupy a prominent place in the evolution of the appellation. The care given to his vines and his obvious passion for breeding methods are the most reliable auguries.

Under a Tuscan air

At the heart of Gaillac vineyard, near the place called Castanet, thrive the vines of Domain of Brin. In this delicious landscape which undulates in gentle hills and where the crossing of small villages punctuates the succession of vineyards and groves, everything takes on an air of Tuscan. It is thus: there are places which sing to the peaceful rhythm of a rediscovered nature. No wonder then that Damien Bonnet is committed to respecting and caring for his land, making Domain of Brin one of the flagship vineyards for organic wines from Gaillac. And a feat if there is one: by yielding nothing to the typicities of the appellation. Making the most of the specific grape varieties of Gaillac, among which flourish Duras, Braucol, Ondenc, Mauzac and Loin de l'Œil, Damien Bonnet vinifies in accordance with the requirements ofGaillac appellation.

Alchemy of wine

In the cellar, what immediately strikes you is the diversity of winemaking methods. From the stainless steel tank to the concrete tank, from the oak barrel to the lightning just delivered, from the terracotta amphora to the stoneware jar, everything contributes to extracting the greatest potential from the grapes. The earthen containers revive the ancient memory of a vineyard already renowned in Gallo-Roman times. But the science of wine and the finesse of the experience make Domain of Brin a high place of wine alchemy. If the production of wines here goes back several generations, the personality of Damien Bonnet fits without hesitation in a topical enterprise. Everything fits together to forge a path for the future in this cellar where the taste of well-kept vines finds its full expression in the passion for aging explored in all its nuances.

To the extreme

The winemaker's philosophy, benevolent with the vine and an active pragmatism in winemaking and aging, leads him to produce wines with a strong personality. It sparkles on the fruit and the flower with the sparkling cuvée D Bubbles that the ancestral method brings to light. It asserts itself on red wines, with the cuvée Vendemia which marries Duras and Braucol or Anthocyanins whose deep purple robe carries the colors and flavors of Braucol and Syrah. It is played with patience during the aging in barrels of Strand of Time. It captivates by the balance it brings to sweet wines that testify to the mastery of maturation, with a 100% Out of the Eye and a captivating Touch of madness which pushes the resources of a 100% Cabernet sauvignon to the extreme. Among the areas shaping the future of Gaillac wines, Domain of Brin, that is to say the winegrower Damien Bonnet, calls for the utmost attention.

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