Domain of Joÿ

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If at Domaine de Joÿ joy reigns in the wines, Floc de Gascogne and Armagnacs, it is surely because of its name and the generosity of its terroir labeled High Environmental Value that they first draw it.

Awakening Joÿ

When in 1927 Paul and Marguerite Gessler left Switzerland, their route took them to locality of Joÿ. In this Gers haven, they find a dormant land. Immediately setting to work, they revive the dormant domain. On the well-exposed hillsides, the vines regain their vigor, drawing their sap from this favorable soil. Two years past are enough for the Gessler family distills its first Armagnac. Thus was born the 1929 vintage, inaugurating a lineage that will no longer derogate from the vitality of the vineyard. In 1946, André Gessler, the son, took over the reins of the estate with his wife Véronique. Stimulated by this generous land, the vineyard grew to occupy 20 hectares. The first selections of grape varieties date from this post-war period. Colombard and Gros Manseng then established themselves on the field of Joy, thus foreshadowing future fame. The year 1975 marked the arrival of Olivier who took over from his father. With him Muscadelle and the first red grape varieties are introduced. His arrival inaugurates the modernity of Joÿ and the advent of the first bottles.

Terroir of Joÿ

If enthusiasm reigns in the house, it is perhaps at the source of its name that it takes root. Because Joy draws its etymology from medieval Occitan from which it inherits its overtones of joy and courtesy. Of joy, the 4e generation, that of Vanessa and Kevin Gessler, is its heir. When we enter Joy, the smile that makes the welcome can be predicted in the wines as well as distilled in the Armagnac. Because on this estate, which today extends over 160 hectares, cheerful white wines have pride of place. Colombard, Ugni blanc, Sauvignon or Chardonnay dance to the south, while Gros and Petit Manseng make the rounds to the west. Under these establishments, freshness and minerality invite themselves to the tasting. To Joy the wines are lively and balanced, exemplary of the typical characteristics of the Cotes de Gascony. When Bacco, Ugni blanc or Folle Blanche are distilled there, they produce Armagnacs full of finesse and fruitiness. The red grape varieties meanwhile, confined to 10 hectares, make Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Tannat sing in chorus in very good red or rosé wines.

Ode to Joy

Au Domain of Joÿ, the range of white wines is on the front line. As the names here are determinants of good humor, their character is announced from the label. L'envie, The sparkle, Joÿ Attitude or againOde to Joy each in its own way the spirit that animates it. Mineral, fresh or fruity, their nuanced characters bear the common signature of a very beautiful terroir. And to let the ear drag as much as the nose, he will say to himself that the St Andrew reserves a few sweetness that guarantees notoriety. A way to grow to the pleasure of a soft, very well named Grains of Jo. With good character, it rubs shoulders with a rosé named Eros, of course, who himself frequents a red posing as The Insolent. What can we say about this great ball, except that it is given with fervor in a domain of the Côtes de Gascogne bringing together beautiful characters. The Armagnac come to confirm this, putting on the dress of brass enhanced with gold, contained in elegant bottles that remind us that they are haute couture.

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Domain of Joÿ

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