Domain of Saoubis

Armagnacorganic and biodynamic

Whether we speak Armagnac or Liqueur, at Domaine de Saoubis everything is orchestrated by respect for nature and the desire to restore the intact strength of essences and plant aromas. Maurice de Mandelaëre has a mastery of it which is to be tasted with pleasure just as much as it is heard with passion.

An Armagnac in the heart of nature

The Domaine de Saoubis is established in Bas-Armagnac. Its 10 hectare vineyard is surrounded by woods and moors which provide natural protection. Because Maurice de Mandelaëre has been cultivating his vines there according to the principles of biodynamics since 1997. On this island of unspoiled nature, he works to produce Armagnac and liqueurs using the most respectful techniques for the plant and the terroir. Its range of spirits resembles it: sincere and joyful, subtle and heady. His story is as fascinating as his way of distilling Folle Blanche or infusing the organic plants that make the soul of his liqueurs. The Domaine de Saoubis smells of warm welcome and the subtle art of sublimating vines and plants.

Armagnac and Folle Blanche

The grape variety brings together Folle Blanche, Colombard and Baco on a favorable terroir. A unique feature of Domaine Saoubis, the Folle Blanche dominates the surfaces. Demanding diva of the Armagnac vineyards, she indulges herself with Maurice de Mandelaëre in a distillation that pushes free-run juice to its highest expression. His Blanche d'Armagnac imposes itself in all virginity, powerful with its aromatic alcohols that a natural sweetness elegantly tempers. From this very refined purity it inherits its expressive nomination: White diamond. When it marries oak wood it first reveals itself in straw-yellow shards in its early youth. At the Domaine de Saoubis it was then called Opal. When it becomes the fruit of long aging, its dress is a fruity and reasoned amber, free from any cosmetic that would disturb the balance and appearance given by simple nature. Thus, all the Armagnacs of Domaine Saoubis come in a solar robe that no other arrangement has darkened over the ages.

Liqueurs and Bisou

As with Maurice de Mandelaëre, nature is never left out, liqueurs spice things up. Worked by infusion or extraction, refined by a mastered experience of the plant, they sing the fig, the rose, the lemon, the orange. Approaching more powerful expressions, they enlist Linden, Pine, Lavender. Each one combines the aromatic powers of essential oils with the sweetness of organic sugars and the moderate strength of eaux-de-vie. Without forgetting that Saoubis is also the Bisou. A play on words to name a voluptuous liqueur wine which combines the must of the Baco grape variety with a 6-year-old Armagnac. This accent of tenderness, which is also a pleasant form of hospitality, sums up the man and his work. With Maurice de Mandelaëre, everything is orchestrated by respect for nature and the art of restoring in his Armagnacs and liqueurs the intact strength of essences and plant powers.

Interview with Maurice de Mandelaà «re on Youtube

Côtes de Gascogne wines

The Côtes de Gascogne vineyard, typical of the Gers and the “wines of the South-West”, is also inseparable from the land of Armagnac.

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