Domaine La Bourdette

Wines from the city of Carcassone

Established on the IGP Vins de la Cité de Carcassonne, Arnaud Aribaud has just opened his first cellar on the family estate of La Bourdette. Its first cuvées augur well for a well-underway wine tourism development project.

From the cooperative to the first cellar

Before devoting himself to taking over the 22 hectares of vines from the family estate, Arnaud Aribaud first sharpened his experience in contact with Maconnais, Roussillon, Bordeaux and then Chile. The Aribaud family, originally from Minervois, settled at the gates of the city of Carcassonne four generations ago. Father, grandfather and great-grandfather used to deliver their grapes to the Carsac cooperative where the wines of the City of Carcassonne are vinified and aged. Arnaud Aribaud still perpetuates loyalty to the cooperative contribution but he has just opened his own cellar where the Domaine's wines are now tasted. La Bourdette.

A cellar on an exceptional site

The opening of the cellar marks a booming project. The estate's vineyard La Bourdette indeed enjoys an exceptional heritage setting. Established on a balcony on supple hillsides, its horizon sees the ramparts of the city of Carcassonne stand out above the vines. Planning to build a future cellar here is logical: the environmental context is conducive to wine tourism development. By signing his first wines with the name of the Domaine La Bourdette, by placing the sign of his first cellar, Arnaud Arribaud opens up a beautiful perspective towards the development of his vineyard. All the more so as it is now thinking of obtaining the High Environmental Quality label as a foreshadowing of a qualitative and rewarding viticulture approach for a classified heritage site.

The definition of the first cuvées

Developed at the link between the two great wine-growing regions of Occitanie, the Wines of the City of Carcassonne have the particularity of reconciling grape varieties from the south-west and grape varieties from the south-east. At Domaine La Bourdette the three colors are present, their labels distinguished by the first names of the family. In red, the vintage Arnaud is born from the assembly of Cabernet sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. In white, the Audrey cuvée focuses on a 100% Chardonnay. In rosé, the vintage Alexis opts for Syrah. These three adopt a stance in line with the characteristics of the terroir. Playing the counterpoint, a second rosé slips into the range to open a register all in youth and spontaneity. Baptized so pink, this light rosé is easy to drink and gives a nod full of freshness to the generation of Arnaud Aribaud. This opens up a wait full of curiosity for the next vintages of the Domaine. La Bourdette whose landscaped site, well-appointed cellar and the kindness of the winegrower are a great guarantee of hospitality.

La Bourdette olive oil

olive oilThe domain of La Bourdette also has its own olive groves. Ripened in environmentally friendly conditions, the olives are then pressed in the mill. An exceptional product, they give substance to a rich and fruity olive oil available in the cellar.

Wines of the City of Carcassonne

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