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Au Domaine Laougue located in Viella in the Gers, Sylvain Dabadie raises wines from Madiran and Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh in an innovative spirit, where the authentic expression of the terroir is based on a reconciliation of tradition and modernity.

The appellations in the foreground

In the vineyard of Madiran, Domaine Laougue is a household name. Its reputation is based on work in the vines carried out by five generations of winegrowers. Sylvain Dabadie today ensures the destiny of the family patrimony, working in consultation with Pierre Dabadie, his father. The estate's vines run on hillsides located at the point of convergence of the Hautes-Pyrénées, the Pyrénées Atlantiques and the Gers. Although the property overlaps the Cotes de Gascony, the vinifications focus on the two major appellations of this Pyrenean piedmont: Madiran for the reds and Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh for dry and soft whites. The greatest care is taken to respect the terroir and its sustainable development. Labeled High Environmental Value (French Environmental Label), Domaine Laougue is also committed to organic conversion in 2020.

Tradition served by technicality

Sylvain Dabadie is a determined winegrower whose orientations are based on a solid technical training. Both an oenologist and an agricultural engineer, he maintains a relationship with the family vineyard that is faithful to the identity of the terroir, consolidated by an innovative and controlled technical appropriation. The vinifications in particular are all carried out using indigenous yeasts that the winemaker takes care to select before each harvest. The authenticity of the terroir is immediately highly valued. The grape variety, typical of this southwestern region, includes a few plots of old vines already identified in 1904. Their proven qualities make them a genetic reservoir which ensures the renewal of the vineyard through mass selection. On around thirty hectares where the preservation of grassy rows is essential, the Tannat majority and Cabernets form the capital of the reds while the whites can count on the Petit and Gros Mansengs and the Small Courbu. The relief of the plots, coupled with the requirement that governs the quality of the berries, makes manual picking the preferred harvesting technique.

Freshness and fruit in balance

In the cellar, the aging favors the expression of the fruit favored by the reduction of sulphites. The woody which is often required in Madiran wants to be discreet and balanced. A fresh profile distinguishes each range of wine. With in introduction for the reds the Your Nat's, a vat wine to which carbonic maceration gives it its lively and fruity character. On more complex expression paths, plot selections shape the character of Madiran. Clay-silty for the cuvée 19.10. Gravettes for the plot Camy, a majority Tannat married to Cabernets for an 8-month aging period. Clay and limestone for Marty, a 100% Tannat the complexity of which increases over 12 months of aging in new barrels. From " Wines at the top » Arbison, destemmed, macerated, drawn before its meticulous aging in barrels. In Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh dry, L'Orée takes advantage with rarity and finesse of a 100% Small Courbu, fresh and flowery with light woody counterpoints. Talion, a cuvée also rallying Wines at the top, Where the Small Courbu a large majority flirts with the lively bursts of Petit Manseng, aging in demi-muit and absence of sulphite setting the sincere bouquets. Nectar of the appellation in version Soft Pacherenc, 19.58 in 100% Petit Manseng deploys these powerful aromas concentrated by the late harvests whose syrupy pleasures blend into a tense freshness after aging in barrels.

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Domaine Laougue

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