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Au Domaine Plageoles we speak Gaillac. Not the technical Gaillac, but the authentic Gaillac: the one that draws its words from the depths of the history of the vineyard. Because at Plageoles we enter the domain of history of which six generations of winegrowers are custodians.

The science of grape varieties

Au Domaine Plageoles everything is based on a tradition of observation and transmission. The great history book is Robert Plageoles, Bernard's father, who opened it and then wrote it from the seventies. At a time when the vineyards of France were suffering from a decline in the diversity of grape varieties, man plunged into the history of the terroir. Passionate aboutampelography, this science of the vine, he brought back to life the old Gaillacois grape varieties that lay dormant at the Marseillan Conservatory, in Languedoc. Ondenc, Duras, pruneart, Verdanel, Far from the eye then returned to their original terroir. Then it took time for the thirty-two hectare estate to once again become the land of the grape varieties of yesteryear which are today the hallmark of Plageoles wines. In winemaking, the requirement for authenticity is pushed to the smallest corner: when aging is required, it is done in traditional six hundred liter demi-muids, made of oak from the Grésigne forest.

The single varietal as a tradition

Au Domaine Plageoles we respect the soil, the plant and the fruit: all the production is 100% organic and harvested by hand. The vines are cultivated in a goblet, without trellising, offering the fruit natural shade during the hottest summer days. The rhythm of the earth and nature are respected with all the wisdom and knowledge acquired over generations. The plots of different grape varieties come together and a specific wine is extracted from each. Do not look at Plageoles appellations with literary connotations: each wine is made from the pure musts of a single grape variety, the name of which signs the label. Whether it is indistinctly white wines or red wines, we make a brand image here: Dry wave, Mauzac green, Mauzac black, Verdanel, etc. The cuvées in Gaillac appellation alongside those of Vins de France because at Plageoles we combine tradition and bias, in a spirit of beneficial freedom for the vineyard. Let's not forget that the house claims the slogan of terroirists, well highlighted by a poster in the tasting cellar.

Sailing wine and ancestral method

Apart from this signature of the estate relating to the production of single-varietal wines, two flagship cuvées stand out: the first is the Voile ™ Wine, the second is the Mauzac Nature, sparkling wine from the ancestral Gaillac method. Aged for seven years in oak barrels in the estate's oldest cellar, the Voile ™ Wine is an exceptional product, both dry and particularly aromatic. Developed without topping, it takes its name from the thin film of yeast that is deposited on the surface of the wine during slow vinification. Unveiling a golden color in the glass, it expresses on tasting all the power of old-fashioned elaboration. It carries the rich signature of the terroir in the aroma and in the mouth. The tradition is also preserved and respected with the cuvées of Mauzac Nature, which allow you to appreciate the authentic effervescence of ancestral Gaillac wines.

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