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In Cadalen, in the Gaillac vineyard, Domain Rotier is equally distinguished by its terroir of serious than by its labeling in organic viticulture. The attentive work of the vine, the mastery of the grape varieties, give substance to wines of appellation with careful breeding.


The reputation of Domain Rotier on the terroir of Gaillac is the fruit of patient work carried out by two generations of winegrowers. Today these are Alain Rotier and his brother-in-law Francis Marre who together watch over the vineyard. The first is concentrated on running the cellar, the second takes more particular care of the vines. These flourish on a floor of serious that the Tarn has deposited layer by layer in time immemorial. These silty gravels, with draining properties, have called for the establishment of appropriate grape varieties. Typical of theGaillac appellation, Duras for red wines and Far from the eye for white wines find here a suitable soil and an optimal climate. These grape varieties, typical ofGaillac appellation, are at the heart of winemaking. They are supported by the Braucol, pruneart or Syrah for red wines while the Sauvignon enriches white wines. The consistency of the grape varieties with these soils of serious is the foundation on which the reputation of wines aged in Domain Rotier.

The vine

The vineyard Domain Rotier is particularly well cared for. It extends over 35 hectares divided between the municipalities of Cadalen and Florentin. In these vines certified organic since 2012, plant cover has been required. Oats, rape, vetch or mustard cohabit with native flora, each contributing to the vitality and richness of the soil. The evolution towards ever more biodiversity is privileged. The establishment of hedges and fruit trees contribute to environmental enrichment. The vines themselves have gained in density, thus making it possible to limit the number of bunches per strain to better concentrate their matter. This virtuous approach is also a reserve of expression whose wines from Domain Rotier reveal the obvious wealth. Among the grape varieties, Duras et Far from the eye, perfectly suited to this serious plateau, forge the focus of the vinification work.

The mind

At Domaine Rotier we vinify in vats and barrels. The expression of the wines is clearly defined. In the foreground, fruit favored by aging in concrete vats. In the background, the complexity drawn from the assembly or the subtle effect of wood. In the red range, the gravel form the first expression of a Duras allied with Syrah, Braucol and Prunelart. The cuvée Sketch pushes the expression of Duras even further: slightly supported by Braucol and Syrah, this wine opens with the full expression of fruit then spices made intact by the absence of sulphites. From aging in oak or acacia barrels, Domaine Rotier produces wines whose complexity is based on a beautiful balance. The cuvée Renaissance first, from 12 months aging in barrels. Then theMe, a Duras sustained by Braucol, first fermented in open barrels, then aged in wood to lead to a complex and velvety bouquet which is the highest expression of the Domaine. Add to that the freshness of a well-constructed dry white and the enchantment of soft whites, exceptional in Domain Rotier. The cuvée Renaissance in particular, whose slightly coppery golden color announces the radiance of honey and the aromatic power of a 100% Far from the Eye magnified by the late harvest.

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Alain Rotier leads us to discover the terroir of Gaillac in the Lagrave and Cadalen sector. The opportunity is given to us to follow the winegrower in his vineyards and to grasp this close link which unites the terroir of gravel, native grape varieties and Gaillac wines.

Domain Rotier

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