Domaine Saint-Thomas

Roussillon winesHigh Environmental Value (French Environmental Label)

Labeled High Environmental Value (French Environmental Label), combining its warm welcome with the generosity of its range of wines, the Domaine Saint-Thomas is also needed in Roussillon by its exceptional cuvées produced in appellations Collioure et Banyuls Grand Cru.

The most beautiful terroir in the world

Located in Argelès-sur-Mer, the Domaine Saint-Thomas can be seen by its facade all in stone facing which borders the chemin de la Salanque. Well known in the seaside town for its direct sale of fruit and vegetables, it is above all equipped with an ultramodern cellar in which several appellations are vinified, among which are Rivesaltes, Coasts of Roussillon, Collioure ou Grand Cru Banyuls. Laurence and Pierre-Jean Savoldelli The estate has been running and growing there since 1997. All around the site extend the vineyards and orchards of apricot, cherry and olive trees. But the rare pearls of the domain are located further south, above Collioure. Dominating the distant port and the sea horizon are the terraced plots of schist here that give substance to the rarest wines of this vineyard. Climate and view converge as an exception on this site that Pierre-Jean Salvodelli rightly considers as " one of the most beautiful terroirs in the world ».

Eighteen wines and four appellations

Domaine Saint Thomas exploits several terroirs. In the plain, around Cabestany, the vines belonging to the appellations thrive Rivesaltes et Coasts of Roussillon. Around the domain itself, the grape varieties are intended for the production of pleasant wines, popular with tourists. While further south, on the terraces overlooking the sea, the emphasis is on the rarity and exception of appellations. Collioure et Grand Cru Banyuls. This division into three sites also endows the Domaine Saint-Thomas from a wide range of grape varieties. This is evidenced by the wide range of wines which showcase all the resources and characteristics of each terroir. If the showcase here has about twenty cuvées, creativity remains essential with each harvest. Because Laurence and Pierre-Jean Salvodelli never run out of projects and make Domaine Saint-Thomas a place in constant qualitative development. This one continues to consolidate thanks to the technicality of a cellar put at the service of the exceptional qualities of the soil.

Collioure and Banuyls grand cru

The Collioure wines and Grand Cru Banyuls occupy the exceptional places at Domaine Saint-Thomas. Starting with the cuvées The two towers, vinified in three colors. In white wine version, this Collioure does all the honor to a Grenache gris, powerful and mineral. In rosé wine, Grenache noir associated with a Mourvèdre enhanced with an accent of Syrah captures notes of red fruits well suited to Mediterranean cuisine. In red wine, this same blend of grape varieties in which Grenache noir strengthens its presence, is positioned in a very current style where the dominant fruit calls for a welcome marriage with Catalan cuisine, ambassador of the land. It is in this vein of rarity that the cuvée is inscribed Furbury, produced in two colors. From vines belonging to avocados Eric Dupond-Moretti and Olivier Martins, these two wines are exemplary of the domain's know-how. The White furbury proves particularly convincing of the resources of Grenache gris, where a complexity with iodized accents finds an extension in a beautiful length in the mouth. The Red furbury, sitting on the density of a Grenache noir, combines the suppleness of tannins with an even greater fullness length where notes of liquorice and caramel come to serve all the power of a great Collioure.

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Domaine Saint-Thomas

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