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On the Gaillac vineyard, the vines of Sarrabelle domain thrive on exceptional soils. The vinifications are particularly careful and the most elaborate admirably reconcile the virtues of barrels and amphorae.

Sarro bello

Located in historic lands of Gaillac vineyard, Sarrabelle domain occupies 42 hectares there. Stretching first in the plain from the Château de Fortis, it then rises towards the Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Montaigut which dominates the landscape. The vines have been cultivated there and made there for eight generations. Fabien and Laurent Caussé Today hold the reins, assisted on occasion by Yves and Lydia Caussé, their parents who are still very active. sarrabelle is above all a love story that is told in Occitan. The story perpetuates the memory of the beautiful Yolande who met her loved ones here, near the medieval castle that the chapel has replaced. Because “sarro-bello” has the literal translation “tighten its beauty” The grapes which bear fruit today on the Sarrabelle domain give substance to Gaillac wines particularly well worked.

In Vineam

If the story of Sarrabelle domain opens with a delicious story, it must be said that the terroir perfectly serves the exception. One of the highest expressions of what the Gaillac vineyard can book. On the slopes, two resurgences of sandstone give the Mauzac grape variety unique minerality and complexity. Further down, on the clayey-sandy layers located at a break in the slope, Syrah and typical Gaillac grape varieties thrive on a soil favorable to their full expression. White wines destined to be still or sparkling wines are perfectly suited to the cohabitation of Loin de l'Oeil, Muscadelle, Chardonnay, Mauzac or Muscat. As for the red wines, they promise to be powerful with the presence of Braucol, Duras, Merlot, Syrah and Gamay.

In Vinum

In a land where the vineyard flourished in Roman times, it is evident that today's wine revives its Latin accents. To start with In Sarra, a fruity and traditional red wine, which opens the ball with a quartet of Syrah, Braucol, Duras and Merlot. Then In Genium, enhancing with woody overtones a Syrah full of fruit and spices. In this concert, we will not omit Solo, a white wine playing with all the freshness of Chardonnay or the aromatic accent of Muscat. The apotheosis will take for name In Vinum, flagship work of the estate, where 100% Braucol unfolds all its fullness after aging for two years in barrels and then maturing for one year in amphorae. If we are looking for the deep soul of Gaillac wines, it is in In Vinum that we will meet her. And before meeting again patres ad, do not forget to let yourself be carried away by the sparkling waltz of Mauzac, that the cuvée Beautiful White Bubbles In Patriis expresses in flavors from the orchard, well served by the finesse of a mastered ancestral method. If it is obvious with the wines of Sarrabelle domainis that you never lose your Latin. Consistency and structure throughout the range guarantee this.

In Vinum

Amphora Wine by Sarrabelle

A cuvée which sublimates Braucol, a grape variety typical of the Gaillac vineyard, by combining aging in barrels and then in amphorae.

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