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At the head of Domains Paul Mas stands an inspired man: Jean Claude Mas. Revealer of terroirs, master in assembling wines, he is today one of the major figures of the wine revival in Languedoc-Roussillon.

Jean-Claude Mas: tirelessly prospecting

It is with his father, Paul But, what Jean Claude Mas has forged its acute sense of the terroir. The lines of force of his knowledge take root in his childhood close to the earth. With him, any decision draws its determination from the intuition and inspiration aroused by each unique encounter with the Languedoc and Catalan lands. Because Jean-Claude Mas is a prospector of terroirs. Between Cévennes and Montagne Noire in the north, Pyrenees in the south, he tirelessly surveys the territory of this great vineyard spread all around the Gulf of Lion. His universe is declined in the plural: it is that of Domains Paul Mas. Who says domains says so many vineyards established in the most remarkable appellations of Languedoc and Roussillon. They are just a few like him who work steadily to reveal the terroirs. Among these, he ranks narrowly among the very first. Because the Domains Paul Mas do not bring together far from fifteen estates, enclosures and castles.

Domaines Paul Mas: shine widely

To grasp the spirit of man presupposes first of all knowing the historical domain from which the enterprise of Domains Paul Mas deployed. The core of family history is the Chateau Paul Mas, located in the hamlet of Conas, near Pézenas. Not far from this first domain from which the initial impulse emanates is the Clos Astelia. Established between Montagnac and Villeveyrac, the site chosen as the company's stronghold since 2014 is also the perfect demonstration of a key concept dear to Jean-Claude Mas: that of Rural Luxury. From this unifying center where the spirit of the house is perpetuated, radiate the links to all the Domains Paul Mas. The enumeration of a few is expressed as an inventory à la Prévert which is also a poetry of the soil:

  • Chateau Lauriga, at the foot of Canigou, in Roussillon ;
  • Chateau Jeremiah, on the mineral lands of Corbieres ;
  • Chateau Martinolles, on the effervescent terroir of Limoux ;
  • Chateau Villegly, notorious site of Minervois ; Domaine de la Ferrandiere, where the vines thrive on saline lands;
  • Chateau Oustau Saint André, intimate of Costières de Nîmes;
  • Castle of Crès Ricards, sitting on the Terraces of Larzac ;
  • Domain of Silenus, typical of Montpellier sandstone ;
  • Chateau Mas des Tannes, closely linked to the old wine abbey of Valmagne;
  • Clos Astelia, core of family history.

Côté Mas: to share luxuriously

Every creative winegrower builds his work by distinguishing his relationship to the vine and to the terroirs by a singular signature. For Jean Claude Mas a master slogan sums up the spirit: the Rural Luxury. From this concept was born a brand which unites its expression. Designed as a showcase for the productions and heritage of Domains Paul Mas her name is Mas side. Like the big ones ancient estates who were pioneers of wine luxuriance in Languedoc, Mas side brings together a gourmet restaurant, a tasting cellar and a shop on the Montagnac site. Because the motivation of the winemaker is reflected in the first place by the promotion and mastery of an art of living which elevates rurality to the rank of a luxury. This Rural Luxury is above all driven by a passion for wine where the main beam of Domains Paul Mas is based on the mastery of assemblies. Because if he is a unifier of terroirs, Jean-Claude Mas also stands out as an assembler of great wines whose demanding inspiration was forged from the great Italian oenologist. Giorgio Grai. It is therefore understandable that the production of Domains Paul Mas strives to raise wines from the most famous terroirs of Languedoc and Roussillon to their highest potential.

Domains Paul Mas

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