Eros, by Domaine de Joÿ

Eros - Domain of Joÿ
Eros, by Domaine de Joÿ

Côtes de Gascogne winesSilver medal - General agricultural competition

If at Domaine de Joÿ joy naturally slips into any vintage, it is given under the judicious name of Eros when it is expressed in rosé on this Côtes de Gascogne terroir.

A rosé from the southwest

If rosé wines have long been considered seasonal wines assigned to the summer period, it is time to revisit this idea. Obviously, in recent years, these summer wines which occupied a secondary place compared to the reds and whites are now advancing to a higher rank. The trend is more and more noticeable internationally to the point that rosés have also gained the status of wines to be consumed throughout the year. And it is in this context emancipated from seasonality that the cuvée must be understood. Eros du Domain of Joÿ. With the added value the opportunity to put an end to this commonplace which associates rosé with the south-east while the lands and grape varieties of the south-west are particularly suited to it.

Eros from the Domain of Joÿ

With Eros du Domain of Joÿ, these are the Cotes de Gascony which are expressed in rosé. Eros draws from this terroir and its climate the virtues of its fruit, suppleness and freshness. Inheriting its salmon color and its nose of small red fruits from a low temperature maceration, it presents itself with all the reserves of freshness and liveliness already promised by its name. Eros is perfectly combined with the joyous spirit that has reigned for several generations at the Domaine de Joÿ. Harmony and gluttony impose themselves as guidelines for a loving vocation. They find their faithful expression in the blend of equal parts of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Syrah. A well-balanced and well-balanced trio to make this rosé wine sing. This is how to dip his lips in this dress subtly tinted with the red berries of love, he won the jury of the General Agricultural Competition 2019 to assign him a silver medal.

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