Sketch, by Domaine Rotier

Sketch - Domaine Rotier - Gaillac wines
Sketch - Domaine Rotier - Gaillac wines

Gaillac winesOrganic wines

Vinified without sulphites, the cuvée Sketch du Domain Rotier goes with the freshness and vitality of the summer season.

A red for summer

With Sketch, Domain Rotier signs a wine full of fruit and freshness. Ultimate, this organic wine is also vinified without added sulphites. Sincerity and spontaneity are expressed in full intensity and bear witness to the great potential of this gravel terroir. Pushing the indigenous grape varieties of the Gaillac vineyard to the fore, the cuvée Sketch was built with a dominant Duras associated with Braucol, the Syrah discreetly adding its pinch of spices to evocations of red fruits. The effect is quite simply melodious: under its pretty carmine color, a balanced and joyful nature can be seen. All in lightness and subtle preserved flavors, Sketch is a perfect summer wine.

Vinified without sulphites

Upstream of this cuvée it is also all the technicality of Domain Rotier that should be fetched. Vinification without sulphites cannot be improvised, because adding sulfur to wine is like comprehensive insurance. To dispense with it is like vinifying without nets. The insurance of the winegrower, his technical mastery, his perfect knowledge of his soil and his wines are then the essential guarantees of success. With the key to the quest for a cuvée full of fruit that no input foreign to the natural cycle of the vine and winemaking will disturb. Of all that Sketch is a very nice demonstration. To be vinified without sulphite, with the required mastery of the harvest at work in the cellar, the wine becomes an ambassador of living nature. The foreground is entirely devoted to the sincere expression of the grape varieties and the terroir. At the time of verraisons, it already tells us the full flavor of the fruit that ripens under the summer sun.

Sketch, presented by Alain Rotier

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