High Environmental Value (HVE)

Four performance levels

The classification in High Environmental Value (HVE) is an official certification supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. It follows a voluntary approach by winegrowers and wine estates. When it is awarded, it testifies to an effective commitment to environmental performance. This is measured at several levels:

  • contribution to the biodiversity of the vineyard;
  • reasoned intervention in phytosanitary treatments;
  • rational control of fertilization;
  • economical management of water resources.

Two logos

Two logos distinguish the certified domains:

The logo " High Environmental Value (French Environmental Label) »Identifies the farms themselves when they are involved globally and at all levels of production in the process.

The mention the reference " From an operation of High Environmental Value »Identifies raw or processed products from certified High Environmental Value (HVE) farms.

HVE certified wine estates

Château Clamens - Wines of Fronton

Chateau Clamens

Established on the vineyard of Fronton, but producing much more than strictly appellation wines, Château Clamens advances as ...
Jérôme Bézios vineyards

Jérôme Bézios vineyards

Located in the historic heart of the AOP Gaillac, the Vignobles Jérôme Bézios produce an exclusive range of Gaillac wines ...
Chateau Bouscassé

Château Bouscassé and Château Montus

Before becoming the names of great estates, Château Bouscassé and Château Montus are the work of a single man: Alain Brumont ...
Domaine de Joy - Côtes de Gascogne and Armagnac

Domain of Joÿ

If at Domaine de Joÿ joy reigns in wines, Floc de Gascogne and Armagnacs, it is surely ...
Gaudou Castle - AOP Cahors

Gaudou Castle

Fabrice Durou, winemaker at Château de Gaudou, makes Cahors wines which reconcile the resources between tradition and contemporaneity ...
Chateau Montana - Côtes du Roussillon

Chateau Montana

The following article predates the year 2022, the period from which Château Montana changed ownership: ...
Mas Camps - Wines from Maury and Roussillon

Mas Camps

On the Maury cru, Mas Camps first stands out as a distinctive brand. It is indeed under this name claimed as ...
Château d'Aydie - Laplace family - Madiran and Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh wines

Laplace family

At Château d'Aydie en Madiran, the wines are built and claimed as a signature steeped in history and know-how: ...
Château Haut-Blanville - Sandstone of Montpellier

Chateau Haut-Blanville

Invested in the Languedoc "Grés de Montpellier" and Languedoc "Pézenas" appellations, Château Haut-Blanville is characterized by a parcel-based approach ...
Vignobles Pelvillain - Cahors wine

Pelvillain vineyards

Established for several generations in the AOP Cahors terroir, Didier Pelvillain is the conductor of Vignobles Pelvillain. He ...

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