Julien Bourdariès, Vine in Crowd

In Gaillac, the restaurant Vigne en Foule has become in a few years a leading reference. The architect of this success is called Julien Bourdariès.

A chef full of promises

If there is one establishment that stands out in Gaillac, it is Vine in Crowd. Clearly part of the trend " bistronomic », It holds the top of the paving stones by the quality of its menu and its cuisine. The project manager is called Julien Bourdariès. This young chef full of promise has forged his knowledge with famous houses: Rothschild establishments in Megève, La Pinède in Saint Tropez, Le Clovis in Paris or even the Château de Salette in Cahuzac. Strong of having passed to a good school he now holds the bar of Vigne en Foule which was first conceived as a “wine bar”. No wonder when you know the history and decoration of the place.

A showcase of natural wines

If Julien Bourdariès is the conductor in the kitchen, the establishment exists thanks to the complicity of winegrower friends, all promoters of natural wines from Gaillac: Patrice Lescarret, Bernard Plageoles et Michel Issaly. Without forgetting Jérôme Galaup, another winemaker, and Laurent Cazottes, a great distiller ahead of the eternal. The result of this judicious association is a decoration that makes the signature of the place: a wine cellar where more than three hundred references are displayed in the window and a superb display of bunches of grapes kept in jars where the diversity of grape varieties is available. We then understand the correctness of the name Vine in Crowd and the gastronomic requirement it imposes.

A high-end card

Between bistro snacking and gourmet catering, Julien Bourdariès maneuvers with skill. First, by establishing himself as a selective chef, demanding the origin and quality of his products. Then because it measures that an establishment that has become a local benchmark commits to renewing itself. The decoration is primarily concerned because it will be the signature of the new atmosphere. Then the menu for which Julien Bourdariès prefigures the move upmarket. The promotion of the local truffle will be its first motive: a new menu will decline it from starter to dessert. It is a certainty: this young chef, just as generous in his cooking as in his reception, prepares us very nice surprises. Gastronomy will soon sing aloud on the Place de la Liberation, in Gaillac.


80, place de la Liberation map markerLocate on the map
81600 Gaillac
05 63 41 79 08 (booking is recommended)

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