L'A Terrasse, in Laguépie

Spontaneous and impressionistic, structured and sincere, the cuisine of L'A Terrasse concocted by Arnaud Ronxin in his outdoor restaurant combines creativity and seasoned know-how.

An outdoor terrace

The terrace is a surprise. Invisible from the street, the place is revealed only after going down a small path. This leads to a balcony platform, open to the nature it overlooks. At the end, the silhouette of the chef can be seen in the context of his outdoor kitchen. The man expresses both the assurance of the profession and a form of singularity announced by an expressive tattoo on the left arm. In summary, here are the signs of an original and mastered relationship with things in the kitchen. Because Arnaud Ronxin, who first came from Paris to later reach the Côte d'Azur, has built up his know-how with beautiful houses.

Paris, Cabris, Laguepie

Already in Paris, Arnaud Ronxin worked with Guy Krenzer, Creative Director at Lenôtre. When the call of the south first appeared, it was with Daniel Ettlinger, Michelin-starred chef at Clos Saint Pierre in Le Rouret that he found himself. Then, under this blue sky of Provence, he created L 'Workshop in Cabris. The idea that forged the spirit of The terrace took shape here: a kitchen opening onto an outdoor restaurant. And when the space allotted to the chef opens onto the dining room, truth and sincerity are essential. AT The terrace they are expressed in a menu served for lunch and dinner. Fresh and seasonal products are essential there on a daily basis. They are chosen according to the market or from the vegetable garden cultivated on living soil.

Impressionist cuisine

Intelligence in the kitchen ofArnaud Roxin, it is its consistency with the site. Because Laguépie is a small peaceful village where the intimacy of domestic gardens reigns. Tuned to this tuning fork, the kitchen The terrace is composed in the moment. While freshness and veracity of flavors, it also spares the expression of textures and colors. The palette of each dish is impressionistic, adding its colorful harmonies to those of the surrounding garden. Taste impressions served by a wine list that honors the terroir: organic wines from Gaillac from Domain Rotier or Domaine Gayrard, wines from Quercy hillsides and some pearls of Provence, the chef's biography obliges.

The terracelocate Locate on the map
Contillou path
82250 Laguepie

phone 06 79 59 31 49

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