La Vigne Blanche at N ° 5 Wine Bar

video logo Paul-Louis Coudoumié, sommelier at La Vigne Blanche, meets Thomas Cabrol, director of N ° 5 Wine Bar. An opportunity to highlight the atypical elegance of Roussillon wines.

The N ° 5 Wine Bar

Discoverer of beautiful cuvées, specialized in the private tasting of great wines, Paul-Louis Coudoumié, sommelier of The White Vine, could not fail to train the Occitania vineyards in the privacy of the cellars of N ° 5 Wine Bar. Unmissable in Toulouse, the address has established itself as the Best Wine Bar in the World in 2017 and 2018. This notoriety is the fruit of the work of Anne and Thomas Cabrol who have been watching over the establishment's destiny since 2012. With a showcase of more than 4000 wines from the best vineyards in the world, N ° 5 Wine Bar is also an ambassador for Occitan wines.

The atypical wines of Roussillon

This meeting between Paul-Louis Coudoumié and Thomas Cabrol is an opportunity to highlight the unique wines of Roussillon. On this terroir in the extreme south of the Occitanie region, characterized by schist slopes that descend from the Pyrenees to plunge into the Mediterranean, the plots of vines often combine several grape varieties. This harsh minerality served by a mix of musts extracted from the harvest produces exceptional and atypical wines. The opportunity is thus given to two experts from Occitanie wines to demonstrate it.

video logo Director: Léa Ollier and Louis Piat

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