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Claire de Lune - Château Lastours

Gaillac wines

Whether they are still wines or sparkling wines, white wines hold a notorious place in the Gaillac appellation. They are distinguished by one main specificity: they are made from the majority indigenous grape varieties. Among these we can count the Duras, the Loin de l'Œil and the Mauzac. The dry whites of Château Lastours are told in two cuvées: Gravels et Moon Glow.


Dominated by a Loin de l'Œil allied with Sauvignon and Sémillon, subtly accented with Muscadelle and Mauzac, the cuvée Gravels is the great classic of the dry whites of Château Lastours. The expression of freshness is negotiated with the alliance of fruity tannins. The search for an intact fruit, the concern to respect the temperatures, require the recourse to the night harvest of September. Because at that time, in the Gaillac vineyards, the temperature differences between day and night manifest themselves in great amplitudes. At Château Lastours, natural freshness is favored, which limits oxidation. From this gain in quality, a complex blend wine is built where the floral aromas compete with those of the fruity. A slightly sub-ripe harvest brings lemony notes to the roundness, accentuating an attack on the palate relayed by subtle tannins and a mineral finish.

Moon Glow

With Moon Glow Another story promises to be that of a tribute paid by his son, Louis de Faramond, to his mother, Claire de Faramond. It is therefore a wine of character, whose story also makes it a wine for initiates. Made from 100% Mauzac, one of the most typical grape varieties of the Gaillac appellation, it also turns out to be the wine most imbued with Burgundian influences. No coincidence in this if we know that Adrien Hudeley, the winemaker of the house and a fellow man in front of the eternal, is a child of Burgundy. Harvested in moonlight, from carefully selected musts, built on a double fermentation in barrels, the cuvée Moon Glow achieves its objective: that of being the wine of temperament in the house. Between fat and structure, a fruit with retained bursts serving a buttery effect, this white wine reveals a unique and distinguished character among the entire range of Château Lastours wines.

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