Les Pujots, by the Cave de Gruissan

Les Pujots - Cave de Gruissan
Les Pujots rouge, by the Cave de Gruissan

Corbières wines

With Les Pujots, a cuvée available in red, rosé and white, the Cave de Gruissan offers a Corbières signature of fine quality control.

Saint Martin Island

To the south-west of Gruissan, delimited by the sea and the ponds, rises the island of Saint Martin. In its heart, leaning against the wooded reliefs, stretches out a long furrow of vines. They are established on theCorbières appellation and enjoy in this place a beautiful sunshine tempered by sea breezes. A named wine property The Pujots thrived here. Its name is perpetuated today by a cuvée signed by the Cave of Gruissan which ensures the vinification. Raised in optimal conditions, this Corbières range bears witness to excellent quality control.

The cuvée Les Pujots

On this territory of Corbières, the vine produces a grape which calls to fix in the wine the Mediterranean qualities of the soil. The requirement begins with the harvest, which is carried out manually in order to preserve the integrity of the berries. Transported to the cellar by means of handles that avoid crushing, the bunches are ideal for the carbonic maceration reds. The vinification method is decisive for extracting the richness and intensity of the aromas for these seaside wines. At the Cave de Gruissan, The Pujots display their demonstrative qualities in three colors.

Red, white and rosé

In red color, the cuvée The Pujots combines Mourvèdre and Syrah. The vinification in whole bunches gives it a nose where the full expression of red fruits comes together with accents of black olives and light oak. On the palate, the tannic suppleness fixes the structure on an elegant Corbières signature. In rosé, the color with salmon shine of Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache announces the luminous density of a perennial bouquet of red fruits and exotic fruits. In white, Bourboulenc and Grenache reveal a translucent color with dominant pale yellow. On the palate, a well-balanced liveliness unfolds in floral bouquets that prefigure the pleasure of sharing around fish and seafood of perfect circumstances.

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