The Winegrowers of Saint Dézéry

Federated around their director Nuria Morales, the Winegrowers of Saint Dézéry have been able to find a generous coordination that allows to enhance to its optimal authenticity the wine potential of this terroir located near Uzès in the Gard.

Between vineyards and scrubland

The village of Saint Dezery looks like this: " charming village nestled between vineyards and scrubland ". How to lay the frame with greater simplicity? In the Gard, near Uzès, the town has less than five hundred inhabitants but is distinguished by its community of winegrowers and winegrowers, mostly young and federated around a cooperative: the Winegrowers of Saint Dézéry. At the head of the group officiates Nuria Morales who coordinates the actors of the vineyard with passion and enthusiasm. Initially an oenologist by training, her passionate approach to viticulture and winemaking has given her the confidence of the people of the country who work with her to build wines with a beautiful structure. Because it takes both cohesion and conciseness to master these solar terroirs which constantly oscillate between Mediterranean influences and Cévennes temperances.

From terroir to phenolic maturities

À Saint Dezery we find ourselves in some of the most eastern regions of Occitania. Garrigues and olive trees rub shoulders with the vineyard everywhere. Here, Mediterranean essences tend to influence the aromatic profile of wines. They contribute to the accentuation of typicalities whose Winegrowers of Saint Dézéry knew how to measure the challenge by aiming for the expressive authenticity of each cuvée. It is here that Nuria Morales sets her standards, giving priority to phenolic maturities, a major guarantee of the full expression of the grape varieties and the terroir. At harvest time, a veritable orchestration takes place, involving each winegrower in a game of patience and then action, focused on obtaining the best juice possible. The Winegrowers of Saint Dézéry agree like a team of vine technicians, perfectly coordinated around the requirements of a cooperative committed to raising their wines to the height of local potential.

From single varietal to blending

On the land of Saint Dezery, the structure in reliefs and geological variations gives the plot approach a predominant role. A certain freedom of vinification and aging is also essential: it finds all its latitude in theIGP Pays d'Oc which offers in Occitania the best margin of creativity as well as the opportunity to promote single varietal wines. As in any cooperative, the range of assorted cuvées under the unifying brand Saint D unfolds a comfortable choice. The most asserted and most representative identity can be expressed in a synthesis. We will find there in the first place the cuvée Clos du Faon, a 100% Merlot plot cuvée giving substance to a red wine emblematic of local know-how. Always on the red wine side, The Legacy asserts its position as the head of the cuvée, well supported by a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Marselan. On the white wine side, a 100% Viognier worked in such a way that its beautiful accent of apricot, all in freshness, comes as a surprise on tasting. More complex, the cuvée Deziree gives pride of place to an alliance of Viognier, Roussane, Grenache blanc, pushed to their most coherent complexity by a subtle aging in wood. On the rosé wine side, the cuvée is picking up Jade, from the same vineyard where the complex game of Cabernet, Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Chenançon is expressed together.

The Winegrowers of Saint Dézéry

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