Mas Onésime, Fruit Day

Mas Onesime - Fruit Day
Mas Onésime – Fruit Day – Faugères wine
Mas Onésime - Fruit Day - Faugères wine

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Fruit Day 2021

Certified vintage demeter, produced in AOP Faugeres by Mas Onesime.

En biodynamic viticulture We are talking about fruit days when the moon passes in front of the constellations of fire which more precisely count Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. During this period of fruit days, the wine gradually increases its aromatic strength. This is the reason why this cuvée vinified in the Faugères appellation is racked and bottled a Fruit Day which is also his baptismal name.

Type of soil

Sandstone shale from Faugères, with an average altitude of around 250 metres.


55% Cinsault, 45% Syrah.

Average return

30 hectoliters per hectare.


Manual harvesting then parcel vinification followed by aging in vats which strives to preserve the freshness and crispness of the wine.


If the wine is racked a fruit day to fix it in its aromatic peak. For the most demanding tasters, it is also advisable to taste it during a phase of fruit days. Indeed, it is during this phase of the lunar calendar that the nose of a wine is the most frank and the most pleasant. For this cuvée Fruit Day vinified by Mas Onesime, the aromatic complex reveals itself dominated by notes of fresh red fruits, subtly evoking raspberry or crushed strawberry. The palate, which then asserts itself optimally, reconciles freshness and greediness, with a sincerity of the varietal aromas full of modernity.

Food & wine pairing

Dinner aperitif, sardine rillettes, charcuterie plancha, hummus, beef carpaccio, spaghetti bolognese, bacon omelet, cheese quiche.

AOP Faugeres – Hérault Department – ​​France, Occitanie wine region.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Wine is a gastronomic product to be consumed in moderation.

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