The dry whites of Château Lastours

Claire de Lune - Château Lastours - Gaillac wines
Claire de Lune - Château Lastours

Gaillac wines

Whether they are still wines or sparkling wines, white wines hold a notorious place in the Gaillac appellation. They are distinguished by one main specificity: they are made from the majority indigenous grape varieties. Among these we can count the Duras, the Loin de l'Œil and the Mauzac. The dry whites of Château Lastours are told in two cuvées: Gravels et Moon Glow.

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In Vinum, amphora wine by Sarrabelle

In Vinum - Domaine Sarrabelle - Vineyards of Occitanie
In Vinum - Wines of Gaillac - Domaine Sarrabelle - (Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health)

Gaillac winesBraucol is a local appellation of the Gaillac vineyard to name this variety from the south-west more commonly called Fer servadou. Braucol is distinguished by its tannic potential and its aromatic typicity where red fruits and spices are accompanied by vegetal evocations. From this profile emerges the call for vinification and aging capable of rounding off the structure and sublimating the bouquets.

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