Mas Onésime, Fruit Day

Mas Onesime - Fruit Day
Mas Onésime – Fruit Day – Faugères wine
Mas Onésime - Fruit Day - Faugères wine

Faugères - Great wines of nature

Fruit Day 2021

Certified vintage Demeter, produced in AOP Faugeres by Mas Onesime.

En biodynamic viticulture We are talking about fruit days when the moon passes in front of the constellations of fire which more precisely count Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. During this period of fruit days, the wine gradually increases its aromatic strength. This is the reason why this cuvée vinified in the Faugères appellation is racked and bottled a Fruit Day which is also his baptismal name.

Type of soil

Sandstone shale from Faugères, with an average altitude of around 250 metres.


55% Cinsault, 45% Syrah.

Average return

30 hectoliters per hectare.


Manual harvesting then parcel vinification followed by aging in vats which strives to preserve the freshness and crispness of the wine.


If the wine is racked a fruit day to fix it in its aromatic peak. For the most demanding tasters, it is also advisable to taste it during a phase of fruit days. Indeed, it is during this phase of the lunar calendar that the nose of a wine is the most frank and the most pleasant. For this cuvée Fruit Day vinified by Mas Onesime, the aromatic complex reveals itself dominated by notes of fresh red fruits, subtly evoking raspberry or crushed strawberry. The palate, which then asserts itself optimally, reconciles freshness and greediness, with a sincerity of the varietal aromas full of modernity.

Food & wine pairing

Dinner aperitif, sardine rillettes, charcuterie plancha, hummus, beef carpaccio, spaghetti bolognese, bacon omelet, cheese quiche.

AOP Faugeres – Hérault Department – ​​France, Occitanie wine region.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Wine is a gastronomic product to be consumed in moderation.

Combe Longue, by Domaine Saint Cels

Combe Longue - Domaine Saint Cels - Wine of Saint Chinian
Combe Longue – Domaine Saint Cels – Wine of Saint Chinian
Combe Longue - Domaine Saint Cels - Saint Chinian wine

Combe Longue 2021

A fruity and generous white wine from Domain of Saint Cels vinified in PDO Saint Chinian.


At the heart of the AOP Saint-Chinian, the domain Saint Cels benefits from an exceptional terroir with a diversity of soils used in organic viticulture: schist hillsides, clay-limestone valleys, rolled pebbles. As throughout the territory of Saint-chinian, the climate and the vegetation which influence the profile and the nose of the wines are typically Mediterranean. More specifically, the vineyard, which is exposed to hot and dry summers but tempered by the coolness of the nights, offers real potential for the production of white wines. The fruit of a three-hectare parcel vineyard located on clay-limestone hillsides south of the village of Saint-Chinian, the cuvée Long Combe is a perfect testimony.

Grape varieties and culture

The cuvée Long Combe comes from the balanced blend of a trio of grape varieties. White Grenache gives it the lightness and delicacy of white flower notes. The Roussanne infuses with finesse the notes of dried fruits. The Rolle, long called Vermentino, comes to fix the whole with its own touch of freshness.
The vines that contribute to this harmonic trio bring a richness based on an average age of the vines greater than 25 years. Their expressive potential is enhanced by the management of the vineyard in organic viticulture which favors the partial grassing of the rows of vines.


Au Domaine Saint-Cels the work in the cellar is particularly meticulous and strives to give the wines of Saint Chinian a profile of modernity through the affirmation of fruitiness. To achieve this expressive fullness, the cuvée Long Combe is aged on its fine lees until bottling.


The cuvée Long Combe is distinguished by a light yellow robe with luminous sparkles. On the first nose it reveals a delicacy and a lightness where a dominant of citrus could evoke the mandarin. Then, the aromatic density unfolding, spices and bergamot enrich the first olfactory impressions.
On the palate, the attack is distinguished by its roundness and density, revealing the signature of the terroir of Combe Longue which is distinguished by its sunny hillsides. The first evocations of fruit and spice are still confirmed. The whole is seductive, testifying to a balance whose subtle and fresh opulence make all the charm.

The ideal serving temperature is around 10-12°C
Long Combe adapts to being drunk in its early youth or but also agrees with a conservation of 2 to 3 years in the cellar.

Food & wine pairings

This white wine can go perfectly with a Mediterranean fish fillet seared on one side, accompanied by a spring vegetable or a risotto. with mushrooms.

Two Fitou wines, by Domaine Lérys

Prestige and Tradition vintages - Wines of Fitou, signed Domaine Lérys
Prestige and Tradition Cuvées – Wines of Fitou, signed Domaine Lérys
Fitou wines

Prestige and Tradition Cuvées

The duo of cuvées Premium et Tradition forms a full expression of this exceptional schist terroir which characterizes the wines of Haut Fitou.

THEFitou appellation which is one of the oldest in Languedoc, has a singular terroir: its vineyard is divided between a seafront surrounded by ponds and a hilly area adjoining the Corbieres, named Haut Fitou. the Domaine Lerys is located precisely in the Haut Fitou which is one of the great shale terroirs of Languedoc. Are found on these mineral soils of very old Carignan, some of which are centenarians. To demonstrate the high potential of this exceptional terroir, this selection concerns two cuvées in AOC Fitou, vinified and aged in the Domaine Lérys cellar located in Villeneuve-les-Corbieres.

Prestigious VAT

Grapes: 60% Carignan, 30% Syrah, 10% Grenache Noir.
The cuvée Premium is the ambassador of an exceptional Schist terroir. It is distinguished by its intense red color and its nose of well-marked black fruits. On the palate, it reveals a roundness and amplitude where the varietal aromas of blackcurrant and crushed blackberry carried by the Carignan mingle with the spices and pepper revealed by the Syrah on the finish. Responding to the perfect typicity of Fitou wines, the structural tannins are present and frame the harmonic construction.
The cuvée Premium can be enjoyed now or kept in the cellar, well established on a aging potential of 5 to 8 years.

Vintage Tradition

Grapes: 60% Carignan, 40% Grenache noir.
The cuvée Tradition research with concentration the expression of the fruit. Taking advantage of a carbonic maceration followed by a long vatting, it immediately asserts its desire to bring high notes of red fruits, well supported as for any self-respecting Fitou with fine and round tannins. Here again, the juices come from berries harvested on a terroir of pure shale during manual harvesting followed by careful sorting.
Rich in fruit, the cuvée Tradition is ready to drink but can also be kept for up to 3 years.

AOP Fitou – Aude department – ​​🇫🇷France, Occitanie region.

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