Terres des Templiers

Terres des Templiers perpetuates the know-how of Catalan viticulture which makes the reputation of Collioure wines, Banyuls et Banyuls Grand Cru and reserves its production to individuals through a whole network of ambassadors who ensure the free tasting at home throughout France.

Land of History

Terres des Templiers bears the legacy of a wine-growing land shaped by 26 centuries of history. Before being founded Collioure et Banyuls, landed first on the Cote Vermeille the Phoenician ships. Guided by the Canigou, this colossal lighthouse, they dropped anchor at the foot of these schist slopes so favorable to viticulture. Oriented towards the east overhanging the sea, protected to the south by the Massif des Albères, the wine-growing hospitality of the reliefs has been essential since Antiquity. Greeks and Romans took over from the first travelers. Then when medieval times came, theOrder of the Templars inherited the administration of the vineyard. They probably fixed the current infrastructure by bringing back the model of terraced vines from the East. Named feixas in Catalan, these plots where Grenache dominates are crossed by a rainwater drainage system called little gall by analogy with the morphology of the rooster's foot. Flowing between the vines cut into goblets, this device of converging channels ensures the flow of rainwater from the steep slopes to the sea. Also promoters of the discovery of the mutating which presides over the production of natural sweet wines, the Templars refined the techniques of outdoor aging, so unique to Catalan cellars. Here then is the historical and heritage framework of which Terres des Templiers today ensures prosperity.

Solidarity lands

Terres des Templiers was born out of winegrower solidarity. In 1950, the reunion of 8 wine cellars Collioure et Banyuls constituted the inaugural act. A few years later, the creation of a cellar to the size of the group ensued. Over a thousand casks and barrels have since contributed to the highly qualitative aging of natural sweet wines from Banyuls. Confirming the cooperative dynamic, 1991 marks the inauguration of a cellar capable of accommodating more than two million bottles in aging. Today's eco-responsible approaches take root at this time. They materialize through certification Agri-Confidence acquired in 2002. Because of the appellations Collioure et Banyuls, the link which closely unites secular history and exceptional terroir requires any wine company to preserve and perpetuate cultural and environmental heritage. It is driven by this requirement that Terres des Templiers in 2011 acquired the wine cellar of Mas Ventous. Built on a relief dominating the Côte Vermeille, it is perfectly integrated into the natural site and entirely autonomous. It shows that in Catalonia, the exploitation of the vine is inseparable from the ecological virtue.

Vineyard lands

Consciousness and respect for the terroir, when they form an alliance with the collective work of the winegrowers, ultimately translate into the quality of the wines. In Terres des Templiers, this quality is coupled with a heritage know-how, emblematic of theCatalan identity. When 753 cooperative winegrowers together enhance 696 hectares of vineyards exposed on shale hillsides, collective generosity is inevitable. It is expressed with that mineral vivacity that characterizes red wines, white wines and rosé wines from Collioure. It perpetuates ancestral know-how in the large cellars of tuns and barrels where ripen, sometimes for very long years, the wines. natural sweet wines from Banyuls. Tying their structure around the dominant Grenaches, the Collioure wines are apprehended like aromatic embroideries which nuance with freshness Mourvèdre, Carignan, Syrah, Roussanne, Marsanne or Vermentino. Sumptuous expression of Grenache and solar harvests, the Banyuls and Banyuls Grand Cru wines are exposed like a treasure delegated by history. The precious juices rise and ripen in spectacular cellars of tuns and barrels whose woods enhanced with a flamboyant red perpetuate the heraldry of the ancient Templars.

Terres des Templiers

The Great Wines of Protected Designation of Origin Banyuls, Banyuls Grand Cru and Collioure from Terres des Templiers can be discovered directly and free of charge at your home.