Tibo Vino, oenology & tasting

Tibo Vino was born from the desire for sharing and transmission that inhabits an epicurean and wine professional:  Thibaud Cristini. Initiation to tasting, more advanced oenology courses, animation of events in public or private situations form its main offer.

Knowledge born from experience

First a player in the marketing of wines for a major wine merchant brand, Thibaud Cristini also frequented many winegrowers and great wine estates. Animator forged by experience, warm in his passion, he knows how to transmit his knowledge of wine with a rare virtue: that of knowing how to desacralize his approach. A wine tasting under the aegis of Tibo Vino is always a great moment of conviviality served by a natural sympathy. This character trait opens access with clarity and simplicity to all the complexities and multiple facets that characterize the world of wine. Because for Tibo Vino, the specificity of wine is that it is first and foremost the assurance of fully shared pleasure.

A predilection for organic wines

A tasting with Tibo Vino often honors organic, biodynamic or natural wines. Without being limited to this virtuous sector, experience shows, however, that notable distinctions are made with regard to wines produced according to “conventional” methods. The approach converges with the current enthusiasm of restaurateurs, sommeliers and wine merchants for wines that take the path of sustainable development. This preferred choice is not, however, exclusive: the tastings with Tibo Vino allow you to understand all the nuances conveyed by the diversity of wines, whether they come from conventional, reasoned, organic, biodynamic or natural viticulture. It is not a question of establishing a classification of the different methods but rather of experimenting with your own taste intuition and above all of exploring and developing the pleasures of the nose and palate.

A generous range of services

Because it is shared, wine is first for Tibo Vino one of the best ways to get closer, to unite and to understand each other. The conviviality, the meeting around the wine, thus forge the atmosphere of each tasting. Then comes the solid experience of Thibaud Cristini which gives his interventions and animations a fascinating approach made accessible by his art of transmitting with ease. Always attentive to his audience and to the diversity of situations, Tibo Vino today offers one of the richest range of services in the region. The title of the modules it offers clearly expresses its spirit: A sommelier at my home, Oenological aperitif and wine tasting, Oenology courses for food and wine, Wines and cheeses with a sommelier and a cheese maker, etc. The menu is clear: if the wine is a factor of conviviality, it is each time a celebration of flavors accompanied by the exceptional marriage of food and wine.

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