Wines from the Terrasses du Larzac

Terraces of Larzac
Terrasses du Larzac vineyard
  • Wine Region : Languedoc
  • AOP / AOC: Larzac terraces.
  • Vinifications: Red wine.
  • Main grape varieties: Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Carignan.
  • Secondary grape varieties: Counoise, Lledoner pelut, Morrastel, Terret noir, Cinsault.

The Terraces of Larzac extend north-west of Montpellier. They are based to the north on the cliffs of the Causse du Larzac where Mont Saint-Baudile dominates. Wine-growing land since Roman antiquity, the culture of the vine was perpetuated there by the monastic communities in medieval times. Classified AOP since 2014, Terraces of Larzac include 32 municipalities including the town of Aniane where the Saint-Benoît Abbey was built. On this terroir with a typically Mediterranean climate, summer temperatures are regulated by the layers of freshness coming from Larzac and the entry of sea breeze. Enjoying wide thermal amplitudes, the terroir is conducive to progressive and optimal maturation. In Terraces of Larzac, the vinification is exclusively reserved for the production of reds, with grape varieties of Languedoc tradition. In the vines thrive Carignan, Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cinsault. The terroirs are particularly determining for the profile of the wines. In the appellation, they must come from a blend of at least three grape varieties and twelve months of aging. They are characterized by the convergence of fruit, spices and garrigue aromas, supported by a preserved freshness and balanced tannins.

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