Jérôme Bézios vineyards

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Located in the historic heart of the AOP Gaillac, the Jérôme Bézios vineyards produce an exclusive range of Gaillac wines based on the characteristics of two terroirs: Merchant's Cross et Palvié Castle.

In the center of the ancient vineyard

The Jérôme Bézios vineyards are located in Montans, in the Tarn. The location is not trivial because the village renowned for its Archaeosite was home to the production of wine amphorae atGallo-Roman period. It is thus established from the outset that the wine estate is in the historic heart of Gaillac vineyard. But here, the great story joins a family story that has been transmitted and consolidated over several generations. The attachment to the terroir, the requirement applied to its expression, the primacy given to local grape varieties have forged its spirit since the 1930s. Bézios family, the activity was originally based on mixed farming before Jean-Marie, the father, returned all the land to the vineyard in the 1970s. Today, 60 hectares of vineyard supply the cellars. at harvest time. They are distributed between the domain The Merchants' Cross et Palvié Castle, the whole forming the Jérôme Bézios vineyards.

One vineyard, two terroirs

The year 1983 marks the bottling of the estate's first vintage. The Merchants' Cross under the label Tradition red. A few years later, in 1998, Jerome Bézios, the son, joins the family domain. The property grew from then on by the annexation of the vineyards of Palvié Castle located in Cahuzac-sur-Vère. Benefiting from two typical terroirs ofGaillac appellation, Jérôme Bézios vineyards enjoy a rich potential of expressions focused on the exclusive production of Gaillac wines. The vintages made from predominantly local grape varieties derive their expressive nuances from the gravel or limestone plateaus which respectively qualify each of the two sites. In contact with each soil, the expressive nuances of the grape varieties are forged: Mauzac and Len-de-Lel for the whites; Braucol, Duras, Prunelard and Syrah for the reds. Thus, the singularity of Jérôme Bézios vineyards is based on their ability to offer one of the ranges of Gaillac wines among the most complete and demonstrative of the appellation.

The Merchants' Cross

The Domain The Merchants' Cross extends over approximately 30 hectares of vines which surround the family property established in Montans. Gravel soils, deposited by the Tarn in geological times, are found there in the majority. Their substrate is typical of the gravelly terraces which dominate the left bank of theAOP Gaillac. The wines draw a profile from it where fruits and spices strive to find a harmonious balance. Revealing all the expressive occurrences authorized by the appellation, they are available in red wines, rosé wine, dry or pearl white wines but also sweet wine. Without forgetting the ancestral method because Gaillac is also a land where it is perpetuated, as in Limoux, the tradition of sparkling wines. Between the vintages Tradition, Elegance et Old vines, red wines stand out as the estate's first ambassadors The Merchants' Cross. The trio is completed by all the other colors to offer a full expression of this historic terroir whose reputation was acquired by its variation in seven wines.

Palvié Castle

Palvié Castle, more recently annexed to the domain The Merchants' Cross, brings into the fold of Jérôme Bézios vineyards another typical terroir ofGaillac appellation. This time reaching the right bank of the Tarn, the vineyard flourishes on the clay-limestone slopes of Cahuzac-sur-Vère. The cultivation method is also distinguished there since the vines spread over about twenty hectares are worked there in goblets. From the ground and from the singular size are born Gaillac wines with denser and more complex profiles. It's from Palvié Castle that come from the wines of the domain offering the longest aging potential. The range focuses fully on a variation of red wines, such as Intimate ou The secrets that mainly structure Syrah and Braucol. Range The secrets, so aptly named, is also distinguished by a syrupy white from late harvest. The expressive amplitude of the terroir would be incomplete without the two eponymous cuvées Palvié Castle, with a red wine structured by Syrah, Braucol and Prunelard, as well as a dry white wine, born from a 100% Mauzac aged in casks.

Jérôme Bézios vineyards

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