Terrassous vineyards

Roussillon wines

Resulting from the merger of three cooperatives, Vignobles Terrassous demonstrate that collective initiatives contribute to the optimal expression of a great Roussillon terroir.

A cooperative in the Aspres terroir

Dominated to the west by the Canigou, stretching east to the limits of Perpignan, the Aspres territory is a land where scrubland, vines and cork oak groves thrive. It is also a land of solidarity and Catalan culture where the history of the Terrassous vineyards. This dates back to the year 1932 when the first cooperative was founded in Terrats, near Thuir. It must be said that the region was conducive to the collective enhancement of the vineyard. Indeed, if the Aspres are distinguished by their dry and mineral soil, they have always been a land of wines. The vines are spread there in plots where the nature of the soil and the altitudes can vary. This mosaic distribution makes the alliance of winegrowers a strength and a capital of qualitative resources. The plot varieties and the diversity of the grape varieties also contribute to giving Terrassous vineyards the advantages expected from a great Roussillon terroir.

Collective and high-end patience

Carried by the recent distinction of the vineyard in AOC Côtes du Roussillon Villages Les Aspres, Vignobles Terrassous provide proof that a cooperative alliance has today become a guarantee of quality. First of all because the collective approach requires coordinated and coherent exploitation of the vineyard. Then because benefiting from a wide range of wine resources, the cooperative is able to offer a wide range of wines while favoring plot selections, a guarantee of distinguished cuvées. The range of wines thus covers the entire range of appellations that this region of Roussillon authorizes. This is how, in the first place, the Rivesaltes vintages, aged in oak barrels, and the youngest of which patiently wait for 6 years of age before revealing themselves. Collective patience and the bias to develop Rivesaltes high-end they are the proof. To this first-rate showcase are joined the still wines produced in IGP Côtes Catalanes, AOC Côtes du Roussillon and AOC Côtes du Roussillon Villages les Aspres.

The distinguished wines of Vignobles Terrassous

If natural sweet wines, like Rivesaltes, are often medal-winning and essential signatures of Terrassous vineyards, still wines also aspire to the highest distinctions. The appellation Coasts of Roussillon Villages les Aspres imposes itself there in the foreground. The cuvée The Flat Stones, from the best gravel and schist terroirs, is a demonstrative example: it stands out with a 90/92 rating from the Parker guide. The cuvée Summum, matured for 18 months in oak barrels after long maceration, concentrates all the typicity of old vines grown in goblets on soils offering a mineral typicity. This fine demonstration is found in Côtes du Roussillon rosé, with a Chateau Mossé from a particularly rewarding plot choice served by its beautiful pale pink color. On the aromatic register, it is impossible in Roussillon to miss the muscats with the Dry Muscat by Terrassous, produced in IGP Côtes Catalanes, or the Muscat de Rivesaltes to complete the range of natural sweet wines signed by the Terrassous vineyards.

Coasts of Roussillon villages Les Aspres

This terroir, which forms the first foothills of the Canigou, is made up of terraced soils reserved for the exclusive production of very high quality red wines.

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