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Fabulous wine opulence

THEwine tourism in Occitania is of remarkable interest. Bringing together the production areas of Languedoc, Roussillon and South West, the diversity of the terroirs associated with the wide range of climatic and geographical nuances offer an inexhaustible field of oenological experiences. The Occitania vineyards bring together the most important world resource in terms of wine-growing areas and number of appellations united in the same territory. True heritage of know-how local, loyal and constant, visit the vineyards comes down to immersing yourself in the deep identity of each territory and to approach the wine traditions of the South of France.

Three wine tourism regions

En Occitania, the traditions surrounding the vineyards have slowly been built up over the course of history. They very often determine the underlying identity of territories which are found in natural and climatic regions of exceptional diversity. Three large wine-growing areas distributed between the Roussillon, Languedoc and South West encompass them, within which there are more than sixty appellations classified as PDO


Le Languedoc has no less than 25 appellations classified as AOP. Among these theAOP Languedoc has the particularity of being available in 11 territorial sub-denominations, some of which are comparable to vintages. On this wine heritage which has the southern limit of the Gulf of Lion and the northern border of the Cévennes and the Montagne Noire, it is therefore no less than 36 wine terroirs classified as PDO which are available for visiting vineyards. High-quality red wines are king there. In grape varieties, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre dominate. The white wines are distinguished by specific appellations such as Picpoul de Pinet or Clairette du Languedoc.

Main towns : Carcassonne, Narbonne, Béziers, Montpellier, Nimes.


En Roussillon, on this Catalan land where the Pyrenees range plunges into the Mediterranean, there are 9 appellations classified as PDO. The generic name Coasts of Roussillon coexists with the eight other PDOs, among which stand out the variations in Coasts of Roussillon Villages, true signatures of wine-growing regions. The red wines where Grenache often has the best part are dominant. Distinctive feature of Roussillon wines, added to the range of dry wines are 4 PDOs dedicated to Natural Sweet Wines where there are Banyuls, Maury, Rivesaltes, Muscat de Rivesaltes. Visiting the Roussillon vineyards, the most picturesque of which are terraced on the schist slopes of the Pyrenees, is a reservoir of emotion.

Main towns : Rivesaltes, Perpignan, Collioure.

South West

In the South West, the wine-growing regions are spread over 12 appellations classified as PDOs scattered throughout the archipelago. To these is added theIGP Côtes de Gascogne, particularly renowned for its white wines. The latter shares the same production area as thePDO Armagnac, one of the major spirits of the south of France. The Pyrenees chain to the south and the foothills of the Massif Central to the northeast play with their climatic and landscape influences. To the west, the nearby Ocean pushes the effects of its presence towards inland areas, which is decisive for the grape varieties. These are often indigenous in nature, such as the Tannat in Madiran, the Malbec at Cahors, the Colombard in Cotes de Gascony, the black Manseng to Saint Mont, without speaking about Gaillac where the restoration of native grape varieties contributes to the very identity of the appellation.

Main towns : Gaillac, Toulouse, Montauban, Cahors, Auch, Condom

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