IGP Terres du Midi

IGP Terres du Midi
  • Wine Region : Languedoc and Roussillon.
  • PGI: Southern Lands.
  • Vinifications: red, rosé and white wines.

A vast vineyard area

Southern Lands is a recently created IGP, recognized by the INAO in 2018, then approved by the European Commission on October 13, 2023. It is added to the number of wine appellations forming the vast set of Occitania vineyards. Although its creation is recent, theIGP Terres du Midi brings together the historic cradle of Midi Viticulture. It is part of the direct heritage of the General Confederation of Winegrowers of the South, founded in Narbonne in 1907. The IGP therefore covers the very vast expanse of vineyards which extends from the foothills of the Massif Central to the Mediterranean coast. Resulting from the will of Departmental IGP to bring about a collective identity, it integrates the departments of Gard, Hérault, Aude, Pyrénées Orientales, and a fringe of Lozère. As such, it ranks among the Regional PGI Languedoc and Roussillon. Although it covers the same territory as theIGP Pays d'Oc, it is distinguished by the profiling of the wines. Indeed, if theIGP Pays d'Oc has made the expression of grape varieties its axis of identity, theIGP Terres du Midi is distinguished by the art of assemblages.

IGP Terres du Midi wines

Wine production focuses on mostly still red and rosé wines, as well as whites in smaller volumes. Taking into account the extent of the wine-growing territory, the diversity of terroirs and the micro-climates which determine them, the wines produced in IGP Terres du Midi offer a very wide range of expressions. Their common denominator is certainly the expressive search for fruit and freshness, well served by the diversity of grape varieties grown in Languedoc and Roussillon. The winemaking techniques, and especially the blending techniques, also help to support the expressive palette of these wines from the South. Their variation in three colors offers an exploratory pleasure open to three worlds specific to Mediterranean vineyards. THE red wines promises to be deep in color, supple and rich in texture, well marked by red fruits and spices. THE white wines reveal nuanced colors, from yellow-green to golden yellow, and evoke fresh bouquets of white-fleshed fruits and citrus fruits. THE rosé wines apply to subtle balances, whose nose shared between flowers and red fruits is based on blends which favor Grenaches, Cinsault, Syrah or Carignan.