Gaillac wines

Gaillac vineyard
Gaillac and Côtes du Tarn vineyards
  • Wine Region : wines from the South-West.
  • AOP / AOC: Gaillac.
  • Winemaking : red, white and rosé wines, sweet wine, sparkling wines ancestral method and sparkling wine, red and white early wines, late harvest.
  • Main grape varieties: (red wines and rosé wines) Duras, Braucol (or Fer servadou), Prunelard, Syrah | (early wines) Gamay | (still and sparkling white wines) Len de l'el (or Loin de l'œil), Mauzac, Mauzac rose, Muscadelle | (late harvest) Len de l'el, Ondenc.
  • Accessory grape varieties: (red and rosé wines) Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay, Merlot | (still and sparkling white wines) Ondenc, Sauvignon.

The Gaillac vineyard

In the Gaillac vineyard the establishment of the vine dates back toAntiquity. The wine jars unearthed on the oppidum of Montans are the first testimony. The restoration of wine-making know-how found its dynamics in medieval times. It is inspired by the Benedictine monks installed in Gaillac withSaint Michel abbey. It must be said that the vines had found an ideal terroir on these rolling hillsides between which the Tarn meanders its way. These silty clay reliefs also called boulbenes are divided into three terroirs : right bank slopes, left bank terraces and Cordes limestone plateau. Exposed to a climate under oceanic influence but modulated by Mediterranean moods, they have proven to be particularly suitable for a wide variety of vinifications.

A terroir with seven wines

Among the wines of Occitanie, the range of Gaillac wines is certainly the richest. The appellation has distinguished itself in the past by promoting seven kinds of wines traditionally produced locally. This wide variety of vinifications makes it an exception in the range of wines from the South West. Each estate, chateau or cooperative has the opportunity to decline its cuvées in dry white wines, pearl white wines, sweet white wines whose mention late harvest, aromatic and robust red wines, rosé wines, red and white primeurs, sparkling wines generally from the ancestral method.

Native grape varieties

The restoration and enhancement of indigenous grape varieties today make up the identity of the appellation and declaim like a regional song: Braucol, Duras, Prunelard for the red grape varieties, Mauzac, Ondenc, Loin de l'Œil for the white grape varieties. The methods of vinification or aging of Gaillac wines combine tradition and innovation according to the estates and castles. The organic vineyards and the production of natural wines are well established there. In this land where the wine-growing tradition is historic, wines are produced mainly from authentic grape varieties, fully expressing the characteristics of a terroir with a strong identity.

Where to find Gaillac wines?


Gayrel Vineyards

Independent cellar

One of the great cellars of Gaillac.

Domain Rotier

Domain Rotier

Independent cellar

Organic Gaillac wines produced on a gravelly terroir.


field Carcenac

Independent cellar

Winegrower of passion, oh heart of the grave.

Jérôme Bézios vineyards

Jérôme Bézios vineyards

Independent cellar

Two terroirs for a great discovery of Gaillac wines.

Gaillac wine estates

Domaine Carcenac - Wines of Gaillac

field Carcenac

Managed by one of the well-known families of the Gaillac appellation, Domaine Carcenac perfectly articulates its roots in local history...
Jérôme Bézios vineyards

Jérôme Bézios vineyards

Located in the historic heart of the AOP Gaillac, the Vignobles Jérôme Bézios produce an exclusive range of Gaillac wines ...
Vinovalie - Saint-Sulpice - Gaillac vineyard


Vinovalie is one of the large cooperatives in Occitania, which promotes wines from the southwest. It is distinguished by its location on three ...
Domaine Rotier - Organic wines from Gaillac

Domain Rotier

In Cadalen, in the Gaillac vineyards, Domaine Rotier stands out as much for its gravel terroir as ...
Domaine Sarrabelle - Gaillac vineyard

Sarrabelle domain

On the Gaillac vineyard, the Domaine Sarrabelle vines thrive on exceptional soils. The vinifications are particularly ...
Château Lastours - Gaillac vineyard

Chateau Lastours

In the Gaillac vineyard, Château Lastours covers fifty-five hectares of vines, fifty of which are in full production. Doing honor ...
Domaine Peyres Roses - Gaillac vineyard

Field Five Peyres

Located in the Gaillac vineyard, the Cinq Peyres estate is run by Charles Bonnafont, one of the young winegrowers of ...
Domaine Plageoles - Gaillac vineyard

Domaine Plageoles

  At Domaine Plageoles we speak Gaillac. Not the technical Gaillac, but the authentic Gaillac: the one that ...
Domaine Gayrard - Gaillac wines

Domaine Gayrard

Very close to Cordes-sur-Ciel, on the northern edge of the Gaillac vineyard, Domaine Gayrard is undergoing a renaissance. Enjoying a ...
Domaine Causse Marines

Domaine Causse Marines

Patrice Lescarret was born in Bordeaux, grew up in Bordeaux and still sets sail in Bordeaux. But talking to him...
Mayragues Castle

Mayragues Castle

Built on a very old estate in the Gaillac vineyard, the Château de Mayragues is already a pearl in itself ...
Gaillac - Domaine de la Ramaye

Domain of the Ramaye

If wine always tells a story, at Domaine de la Ramaye it also has a voice: that of...

Domain of Brin

Among the organic wines of Gaillac, those of Domaine de Brin bred by Damien Bonnet occupy a prominent place ...
Chateau Clément Termes

Chateau Clément Termes

The Clément Termes estate is a family wine-growing property located in Lisle-sur-Tarn on one of the historic terroirs of ...
Château de Terride - Gaillac wines

Terride Castle

In the Gaillac vineyards, the Château de Terride is a charming place. Located near the forest of ...

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