Pinet Popsicle

Pinet Popsicle
Picpoul de Pinet vineyard
  • Wine Region : Languedoc.
  • AOP / AOC: Picpoul de Pinet.
  • Winemaking: White wine.
  • Main grape variety: Picpoul.

Classified as AOC since 2013, the vineyard of Pinet Popsicle is the largest terroir in Languedoc white wines. Its vines, which extend over 1400 hectares, overlook the Thau lagoon, renowned for its oyster farming. The appellation borders on PDOs Montpellier sandstone to the northeast and Pezenas to the northwest. Deployed over a triangular expanse, three towns mark out the limits of the vineyard: Agde to the west, Sète to the east and Pézenas to the north. The ancient Domitian road around which the local economy was already organized forms the central axis. This historic road is lined with archaeological remains that testify to the presence of many roman villas. Seat of a rich wine-growing activity, they show that the region of Pinet Popsicle was favorable from antiquity to the development of the vine. Indeed, under typically Mediterranean influence, the local climate enjoys the regulatory effects of the Thau lagoon which tempers the solar heat. Between reliefs of scrubland and pine forests in the north, then a plateau descending towards the sea in the south, the vineyard lends itself perfectly to the optimal maturation of the unique grape variety of the appellation: the Picpoul. This gives substance to white wines with a brilliant robe, pale gold in color. On the palate, a lovely freshness bursts forth, based on a seductive acidity which makes it its signature. It goes without saying that the perfect chord of Pinet Popsicle is primarily found in the delicious alliance with fish and seafood from this port and oyster region that was called in the past "Vineyard of La Marine".

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