Armagnac & Floc de Gascogne

Côtes de Gascogne vineyard
Armagnac vineyards

In Occitania, the Armagnac vineyard extends over the department of Gers while straddling the limits of Landes and Lot-et-Garonne. Three distinct terroirs coexist there: the Bas Armagnac around Eauze, the Ténarèze near Condom and the Upper Armagnac around Auch. The production of eau-de-vie on the vineyard has been a tradition since the Middle Ages. It is obtained by distillation of white wines from grape varieties typical of the Cotes de Gascony. Among these dominate the Baco, the Ugni blanc, the Colombard or the Folle Blanche. After distillation in stills, aging in oak “pieces” is required. Once assembled, and depending on the age of the youngest who composes them, the Armagnac fall into categories VS, VSOP, XO, Out of Age and XO Premium. To this classification are added the Armagnac vintage from the same harvest year of which they bear the date. Two other appellations enrich the terroir. The first is the Blanche d'Armagnac, directly resulting from the distillation and preserved in a neutral container fixing fruity and freshness. The second is the Gascogne floccu, red or white liqueur wine that combines young Armagnac and grape must.

Where to find Armagnac and Floc de Gascogne?

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Cassagnoles area

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