Wines from the Coteaux du Quercy

Quercy hillsides
Coteaux du Quercy vineyard

The Quercy hillsides form an appellation highly determined by its terroir. Cahors marks its northern limit, Montauban fixed that of the south. Crossed by the roads of Saint Jacques de Compostela, this land steeped in history is inextricably linked to the Causses du Lot and the Aveyron valley. The vines take root there on a landscape of hills and plateaus enjoying beautiful sunshine. It draws its strength from a predominantly clay-limestone substrate favorable to soil drainage. In a southern position for the southwest, the climatic atmosphere inherits from the double influence of the ocean and the Mediterranean. Cabernet Franc occupies the regal place within the appellation. He made an alliance there with Malbec, Merlot and Tannat. Wines from Coteaux du Quercy, available in red or rosé, reveal an expressive bouquet of ripe fruit and nuances of spices. Quite dense in color, they are the ambassadors of a terroir which is also the cradle of gastronomic pearls such as Quercy farm lamb, famous melons or precious saffron.

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