vineyard of Fronton

vineyard of Fronton
vineyard of Fronton
  • Wine Region : wines from the South West
  • Winemaking : red wine, rosé wine.
  • Main grape varieties: Negrette.
  • Accessory grape varieties: Cabernet franc, Cabernet-sauvignon, Cinsault, Cot (or Malbec), Fer Servadou (or Braucol), Gamay, Syrah.

Established halfway between Toulouse and Montauban, bearing fruit on the slopes which dominate both the Tarn and the Garonne, the vineyard Fronton derives its specificity and its aromatic signature from a specific grape variety: the Négrette that we also call Pinot St. George. The chance of nature has given it aromatic notes, some of which tend to evoke the violet, the emblematic flower of Toulouse, the neighboring capital. Like many vineyards in Occitania, the history of this one goes back to Roman traditions. Mainly vinified in red blends, the wines of Fronton on the nose well marked by the Négrette also have suppleness and velvety tannins to which blends with other grape varieties contribute such as Syrah, Cabernet Franc or Cabernet Sauvignon. Who says red can also say rosé and in this PDO it is present in the range of its famous wines.

Wines of Fronton in the window

Château Clamens - Wines of Fronton

Chateau Clamens

Independent cellar

A demonstrative signature of the richness of the terroir Fronton

Castles and Estates of Fronton

Château Clamens - Wines of Fronton

Chateau Clamens

Established on the vineyard of Fronton, but producing much more than strictly appellation wines, Château Clamens advances as ...
Vinovalie - Saint-Sulpice - Gaillac vineyard


Vinovalie is one of the large cooperatives in Occitania, which promotes wines from the southwest. It is distinguished by its location on three ...
Château Laurou - Wines of Fronton Biography

Chateau Laurou

Labeled Vignobles & Découvertes since 2019, Château Laurou presents itself as one of the great estates of Fronton labeled organic. Other ...
Wines of Fronton - Chateau de Belaygues - Severine and Guillaume Veyrac

Belaygues Castle

At Château de Belaygues, in the vineyards of Fronton, reigns a humanist and virtuous atmosphere where environmental respect is enriched ...
Château Boujac - Wines of Fronton bios

Chateau Boujac

In the Fronton vines grown to organic standards are rare. Château Boujac is one of them and deserves ...
Château Joliet - Vineyard of Fronton

Chateau Joliet

On the vineyard of Fronton, at Château Joliet, Marie-Ange and Jérôme Soriano produce traditional wines that focus on ...
Château Baudare - Wines of Fronton

Chateau Baudare

For who would seek on the vineyard of Fronton A winegrower's authenticity established over several generations, Château Baudare is without ...
Domaine Le Roc - Vineyard of Fronton

Domaine Le Roc

On the vineyard of Fronton, Domaine Le Roc enjoys a fine reputation for its wines of character signed by ...
Domaine de Lescure - Vineyard of Fronton

Domaine de Lescure

On the vineyard of Fronton, Fabien Cardetti leads the destiny of the Domaine de Lescure with energy and passion. Taking care...
Château Plaisance - Vineyard of Fronton

Chateau Plaisance

If in the vineyard of Fronton the reputation of the wines of Château Plaisance is well established, the virtuous bias ...

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