Cahors wine

Cahors vineyard
Cahors vineyard
  • Wine Region : wines from the South West
  • AOP / AOC: Cahors
  • Winemaking: Red wine.
  • Main grape variety: Malbec (or Cot)
  • Accessory grape varieties: Merlot, Tannat

At the heart of vineyard of Cahors flows the Lot. It digs a sinuous furrow that sculpts the terraces and plateaus on which the vines thrive. Some run down the slopes of the hillsides that are the best exposed to the beneficial effects of a climate which combines the opposing influences of the ocean and the Mediterranean. Between alluvial soils and limestone limestone layers in the first, second and third terraces, the vines have found prosperous soil since Roman antiquity. In the Middle Ages the notoriety of "black wine" from Cahors was well established. The navigable presence of the Lot favored its transport to the land of France. The dark purple color of the "black wine" is the visual mark of the Cahors wine whose preferred grape variety is Malbec, married incidentally to Merlot or Tannat. From this grape we extract a wine with a dense color and complex aromas. Nuanced by the variety of the terroir, oscillating between bouquets of fruit and spices, structured by silky tannins, it goes wonderfully with the Lotoise gastronomy well marked by the presence of truffles. The notoriety of Cahors wine was international very early on: Tsar Peter the Great was treated in Kaorskoye vino and the Orthodox Church made it its mass wine.

Cahors wine on display

Chateau de Gaudou - Wines of Cahors

Gaudou Castle

Independent cellar

A fragmented approach to Cahors wines where the Malbec reveals each terroir.

Domains and Castles of Cahors

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Domaine de Chantelle - Lydie and Jean-Claude Brunet - Cahors wine

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Lo Domeni - Cahors wines

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