Organic wines from Occitanie

Occitania is leading French region for organic viticulture. The winegrowers producing organic wines are found there in density and a number of vineyards have initiated their organic conversion in each appellation.

Organic winegrowers on display

Domaine Rotier - Gaillac wines

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Organic wines from Languedoc

Organic wines

Domaine La Rouviole - Minervois wines

Domaine La Rouviole

Located north of the Minervois appellation, Domaine La Rouviole enjoys an environment whose botanical richness and belonging to the ...
Domaine La Louvière - AOP Malepère

Domaine La Louviere

Domaine La Louvière ennobles the way of making and thinking about wine by projecting the toponymy of the terroir and ...
Domaine Rose & Paul - AOP Malepère

Domaine Rose & Paul

Domaine Rose & Paul, established on the AOP Malepère, is a family wine heritage rich in know-how transmitted and enriched ...
Château Maris - Minervois la Livinière

Chateau Maris

Fruit of the collaboration between Robert Eden and Kevin Parker, Château Maris located in Minervois La Livinière is one of ...
Pierre Fabre - Castle of Gaure - Limoux

Gaure Castle

In Rouffiac d'Aude, in the heart of a vineyard located between 200 and 450 m above sea level, stands the Château de Gaure ...
Mas Onésime - Faugères wines

Mas Onesime

Owned by Olivier Villaneuva, Mas Onésime is located in La Liquière in the Faugères appellation. His production can be summed up without a doubt ...
Domaine Lérys - Wines of Fitou

Domaine Lerys

In Villeneuve les Corbières, at the heart of the Fitou AOP border of the Corbières AOP, Alban and Anaïs Izard operate the Domaine ...
Château Pech Redon - Wines of La Clape

Chateau Pech Redon

On the vineyard of La Clape there is a name that stands out in the foreground: Château Pech Redon. Borrowing his ...
Chateau l'Hospitalet - Clape wines - Gérard Bertrand vineyards

Chateau l'Hospitalet

Among Gérard Bertrand's wine estates, Château l'Hospitalet, located in the heart of the La Clape appellation, is also a ...

Organic wines from Gaillac

Gaillac winesOrganic wines

Domaine Rotier - Organic wines from Gaillac

Domain Rotier

In Cadalen, in the Gaillac vineyards, Domaine Rotier stands out as much for its gravel terroir as ...
Domaine Peyres Roses - Gaillac vineyard

Field Five Peyres

Located in the Gaillac vineyard, the Cinq Peyres estate is run by Charles Bonnafont, one of the young winegrowers of ...
Domaine Plageoles - Gaillac vineyard

Domaine Plageoles

  At Domaine Plageoles we speak Gaillac. Not the technical Gaillac, but the authentic Gaillac: the one that ...
Domaine Causse Marines

Domaine Causse Marines

Patrice Lescarret was born in Bordeaux, grew up in Bordeaux and still sets sail in Bordeaux. But talking to him...
Mayragues Castle

Mayragues Castle

Built on a very old estate in the Gaillac vineyard, the Château de Mayragues is already a pearl in itself ...
Gaillac - Domaine de la Ramaye

Domain of the Ramaye

If wine always tells a story, at Domaine de la Ramaye it also has a voice: that of...

Domain of Brin

Among the organic wines of Gaillac, those of Domaine de Brin bred by Damien Bonnet occupy a prominent place ...

Organic wines from Fronton

Wines of FrontonOrganic wines

Château Laurou - Wines of Fronton Biography

Chateau Laurou

Labeled Vignobles & Découvertes since 2019, Château Laurou presents itself as one of the great estates of Fronton labeled organic. Other ...
Château Boujac - Wines of Fronton bios

Chateau Boujac

In the Fronton vines grown to organic standards are rare. Château Boujac is one of them and deserves ...
Château Plaisance - Vineyard of Fronton

Chateau Plaisance

If in the vineyard of Fronton the reputation of the wines of Château Plaisance is well established, the virtuous bias ...

Organic wines and Armagnac from Gascony

Côtes de Gascogne winesArmagnacOrganic wines

Domaine de Séailles - Côtes de Gascogne wines

Domaine Seailles

Domaine Séailles is based in Mouchan, in the Gers. As with tradition in Côtes de Gascogne, Armagnac and ...