Sauzet Estate


To the north of Montpellier, at the foot of the Grotte des Demoiselles, the vineyard of Sauzet Estate blends in with nature, inspiring organic wines mainly produced in IGP Pays d'Oc, all as authentic as they are unique.

Nature as an amphitheater

Going up from Montpellier towards the north towards the Cave of the Demoiselles, we soon reach the village of Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois built on the left bank of the Hérault river. Entering the agglomeration will have been preceded by crossing vast forests backed by the first foothills of Cévennes, just before the cliffs of Thaurac rise. All around, an opulent nature reminds us that the preservation of the landscape is based on the presence of two classified sites Nature 2000 and the census of six natural areas of ecological, faunal and floristic interest. The local issue therefore imposes its stature: a winery established in this preserved environment must produce wines in perfect harmony with the mineral strength and the biodiversity of the site. It is to this remarkable challenge that responds with coherence the joint work of the winegrower Francois Massol and his oenologist Nicolas Moine.

The Domaine de Sauzet vineyard under the Thaurac cliffs.

The vineyard as a landscape

To achieve the Sauzet Estate, it is necessary to turn east from Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois to enter the Montoulieu valley. From then on, the road runs straight between the high cliffs of Thaurac which dominate the landscape from their four hundred meters to the northwest, and the wood of Sauzet which envelops the hilly hills to the southeast. Between these two reliefs, the first parcels of vines come to intersect the hillsides of discreet but omnipresent scrubland. Deployed in gentle waves at the foot of the Thaurac cliff, the vineyard of Sauzet Estate plunges its roots into a very nuanced clay-limestone soil where calcareous scree and clayey sediments coexist in variable densities. The vine, which has managed to blend its twenty-four hectares into the natural landscape, adapts perfectly to the draining character of the soil and the micro-climatic modulations. They are distinguished in particular by the sheets of fresh air which descend from the Cévennes during summer nights and which have the virtue of tempering the diurnal heat of the Mediterranean sun. For the winegrower, they are the guarantee of freshness and temperance that ensure the balance of wines with solar aspirations and rich substance. This singular potential, exceptional in Languedoc, is reminiscent of the fact that the terroir of Sauzet Estate is also adjoining that of Terraces of Larzac.

Domaine de Sauzet - Cuvée MademeM
The wines of the Domaine de Sauzet: cuvée Mrs M, no added sulphites

Each wine as a story

This concentrate of nature that is the terroir of Sauzet Estate is a call to environmental respect but also to the powerful freedom of its expression. This creative freedom, which must be understood as the winegrower's desire to offer his wines the most expressive amplitude, has led him to place his production under the label IGP Pays d'Oc. The flexibility of constraints underlying the spirit of this label, the variety of grape varieties that the appellation authorizes, engage the Sauzet Estate in a protocol of requirement and control, in the vineyard as in the cellar. Each cuvée must be understood as a signature cuvée, each developing a unique and complete personality over the course of its aging. Thus, the wines of Sauzet Estate form a whole world where each label announces a very distinct expression of the terroir, its grape varieties and its vintages. The necessary assurance is that the wine here testifies to a know-how and a will aiming for the most elegant distinction. Whether it enhances the expression of the fruit or whether it focuses on the complexity of the ageing, each cuvée is to taste like a story in itself, difficult to describe in the text. The only faithful revelation is therefore essential, which is that of the tasting of the Yin Yang, Mrs M, or Jeanne & André. As for the evocations of the terroir, they unfold in the poetic simplicity of the Fruit Field, Pebble Field, field of the cross or Tower field. Without forgetting the confidential cuvée Hic and Nunc which imposes itself as a concentrate of know-how where a wide range of emotions is always present.

Sauzet Estate

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