Négrette and wines of Fronton

Fronton, the wine of Toulouse
Fronton, the wine of Toulouse

Wines of Fronton

In red as in rosé, the wines of Fronton bring to the fullness as much as to the diversity of its expression the indigenous grape variety and emblematic of the appellation: the Négrette.

Fronton : the wine of Toulouse

It is the city of Fronton who gave his name to the appellation. It is located thirty kilometers north of Toulouse. This neighborhood situation also determines the identity of the appellation, which presents itself first and foremost as “the wine of the Toulouse people”. The terroir is selective in terms of adapting the grape varieties. If the predominantly oceanic climate is also receptive to Mediterranean influences, the soil itself is a vector of constraints. Modeled by two rivers, the Tarn and the Garonne, the layering in three terraces testifies to an alluvial history which brings together three types of soil. First of all the boulbènes, formed of clayey or stony silts. Then red mullet, where clay mixes with silty substrates. And finally the bass, formed of sediments of pebbles and gravels. It is these soil variations that will determine the nuances of the wines of Fronton, all built around an emblematic grape variety: the Négrette.

Fronton : Negrette vineyard

The natural history of the vineyard has forged its identity, making the Négrette the grape variety best suited to its alluvial soils and climate. This particular context gives the wines of Fronton a unique character. Because the Négrette imposes itself at 50% in the blends while reserving the right to form an alliance with the other grape varieties of the Frontonborn like Syrah, Cabernets, Cinsault, Malbec or Fer servadou… Négrette has the reputation of being distinguished by its marked aromas of violet. This notoriety is restrictive, the variety of soils and the flexibility of blends offering Négrette a much richer and more nuanced palette of expressions. This set of variations is even determining the interest of the appellation. A wine tasting of Fronton will reveal floral bouquets as well as aromas of black fruits or spicy anthologies depending on the location of the vines and the preferences of the winegrowers. The structures themselves will turn out to be completely variable, ranging from the fruity suppleness to which Négrette lends itself well, to the complex structures of the wines for laying down which push to their highest expression the potential of the wines of Fronton.

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Wine house of Fronton

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